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December 15th, 2002

Black Squirrels

Huyen thought I was crazy when I flipped out and took this picture of a black squirrel:

Black Squirrel

I have honestly never seen a squirrel any color other than the typical greyish brown (and living in a wooded area in NJ, I saw plenty of those). But, apparently, not only are there some towns overrun by black squirrels, there are also white, albino squirrels as well! Only 1 in 10,000 squirrels are black.

Have you ever spotted a black or white (or red!) squirrel before?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 12:35:29 pm
Kind of makes you wonder whats in the ground water in Leesburg ;)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 1:45:25 pm
I've seen black and albino squirrels in downtown DC for years.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 2:15:29 pm
Chris -- This was in Silver Spring, MD. :)

Robert -- Yeah, that's what Huyen said... that's why she was so surprised I had never seen one before.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 11:26:36 pm
The first time I ever saw black squirrels was when my family went to Canada in 1989. I seldom see them stateside, although my friend has some in his back yard.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Monday December 16, 2002 -- 1:07:31 pm
I'm with you Ryan. I've lived in NOVA (different parts) my whole life and I've never seen a black squirrel either. Maybe I should hang out with Rob and Huyen more ;)

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Sunday May 4, 2003 -- 6:48:26 pm
Your never gonna beleive this. I was coming home from work this afternoon and I saw one and I thought no way! but, I swear it had no white stripes on it. And I work in Alma, Ks

FROM: Ric Wallace [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday May 28, 2003 -- 3:04:48 pm
The web site is about the black squirrels of London, Ontario Canada and Kent State Ohio. Their is even a song.

FROM: Trish
DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 8:56:39 pm
I live in Galesburg, IL and we have a large population of black squirrels here. I have two that live in my back yard.

FROM: Lora
DATE: Wednesday August 20, 2003 -- 12:10:54 am
Here in Omaha, NE black squirrels can be seen but only in certain areas. They are so awesome!!!!

DATE: Monday September 29, 2003 -- 6:37:48 pm
i saw black squirrel in bohemia

FROM: Brian
DATE: Wednesday October 15, 2003 -- 6:23:54 pm
We've got tons of them in manistee MI. Is anyone from Manistee

FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 8:49:37 pm
I spotted a black squirell today in McHenry, Illinois. I never saw one before, and I was not aware they existed.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 12:43:56 am
I live in West Michigan, and we've got black squirrels, gray squirrels, red squirrels, and fox squirrels (the big brownish ones).

What's really neat is when you see a fox squirrel with a black tail.

FROM: Autumn
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 3:55:53 pm
I could not believe the first time I saw a black squirrel in Central Park (NYC). No one believed me until it happened again the next year in the exact same area while walking with my best friend. Now I have seen about five in the same area.....It is so weird. I had no idea they existed!

FROM: Chuck
DATE: Friday November 7, 2003 -- 7:27:55 am
Seen one east of Muskogee Okla. Thought I have seen it all.

DATE: Sunday November 9, 2003 -- 9:08:04 pm

DATE: Sunday November 9, 2003 -- 9:08:05 pm

DATE: Tuesday November 11, 2003 -- 10:03:13 am

FROM: judith
DATE: Tuesday November 11, 2003 -- 10:04:10 am
I live in west-central Minnesota on a lake, I've seen 2 0r 3 black squirrels off and on for years. We now have our own, It prefers corn (all the others are crazy for peanuts) it shares our feeders with many grey squirrels, a little red one and 20 or more species of birds. Watching these critters, rabbits and an occasional deer too make living here in the winter worth it.

DATE: Tuesday November 11, 2003 -- 10:04:37 am

FROM: Tiffany
DATE: Tuesday November 25, 2003 -- 4:07:20 pm
The GEICO building in Chevy Chase, MD (right on the DC/MD line) has a very wooded parking lot, and some park type outdoor areas. Of course, lot's of trees mean lots of squirrels, and from what I've seen about half of them are black. I didn't know they were found in that area until I started going up there.

DATE: Wednesday November 26, 2003 -- 1:21:55 pm
There are black squirrels at the golf course in Tallulah, La.

FROM: Jack
DATE: Saturday January 3, 2004 -- 12:19:50 am
Ive seen them in DC too.

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday January 3, 2004 -- 8:14:14 pm
The only place I've seen black squirrels is in Cleveland, OH. They were quite agressive and fearless too, they would come and take peanuts right out of your hand if you let them. Scraping by on the streets of East Cleveland must have learned them some toughness.

FROM: Michael
DATE: Monday January 5, 2004 -- 9:46:31 pm
I live in Toronto and we have mainly black squirrels here. I think the theory is the black fur keeps them warmer in winter by absorbing more of the sun's heat.

DATE: Wednesday January 7, 2004 -- 8:30:19 pm

FROM: Kirsten
DATE: Wednesday January 7, 2004 -- 8:31:40 pm
I saw two black squirrels in Central Park, NYC, last weekend. I didn't even know they existed until I googled and found this page.

FROM: Kaitlin
DATE: Saturday January 10, 2004 -- 12:16:59 pm
We live in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and we saw our first black squirrel today at our birdfeeder.

FROM: Tammy
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 2:10:50 pm
Hello, I live in Kalmazoo County, MI and we have alot of Black Squirrel's plus I have seen one Squirrel that is Black underneath and tail is black and he/she is brown on top with a black spot around its nose, I call him/her Patches and We just seen over christmas in my front tree a White and Brown squirrel when I went to take a pic my cam was out of film. I have one family of squirrels that live in a half dead tree in my back yard and have been for five years, mom is brown and the babys every year are brown or black or mixed. It is so fun to watch them play in the tree. The reason I know mom is brown and babys are black is because last year on fell out of the tree and mommy came down and got it, when they got back up the tree mommy was mad, I heard that sound they make and it was loud. I have alot of bird feeders and I also feed the squirrles, they love bread and animal crackers.

DATE: Tuesday January 20, 2004 -- 7:17:53 pm
we have 4 black squirrels in our backyard
they are very beautiful

FROM: ellen weber
DATE: Friday February 20, 2004 -- 9:12:48 pm
we live in council bluffs iowa/ noted for the black squirrels

FROM: ellen weber
DATE: Friday February 20, 2004 -- 9:13:08 pm
we live in council bluffs iowa/ noted for the black squirrels

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday February 20, 2004 -- 11:37:32 pm
Hey, I've stayed in Council Bluffs. You have a great Hardee's.

FROM: Joan
DATE: Monday June 14, 2004 -- 5:17:04 pm
Hello, I have a vacation place In Gobles MI. Ive spotted a black squirrel many times there. Last week, I saw it chasing another squirrel that was red or gray.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday June 18, 2004 -- 9:34:46 am
When I was a kid I went to Niagara Falls. I don't remember if we were on the U.S. side or the Canada side, but we probably went on both sides. Anyway, ALL the squirrels were black. It was the first time I'd seen any and I've never forgotten. There were tons of them among the tourists getting fat off of tourist treats. They were very tame having become accustomed to the crowds. They would come right up to you and take peanuts very gently right out of your hand. As a kid, you can imagine what kind of effect this had. I didn't care about the falls at all. I just wanted to feed the squirrels all day.

FROM: john
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 10:23:39 pm
I've lived in Maine all my life and traveled to many other places. I've also seen many squirrels. Now at age 36, I've seen my first black squirrel just outside of quebec city recently.

FROM: mary
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 1:26:46 pm
just got back from the north woods of Minnesota. stayed on leech lake and had a black squirrel visit with us every day. my first black squirrel! saw loads of albinos on the U of Louisville campus.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 4:16:39 pm
Just visited my sister in Mayfield Heights, Ohio (a Cleveland suburb) and there were plenty of black squirrels throughout the neighborhood, besides the usual brown squirrels.

FROM: Davezila
DATE: Monday September 6, 2004 -- 9:30:56 pm
Just went to the DC National Zoo and read some interesting Black Squirrel facts. Gray Squirrels were hunted to almost extinction prior to 1900. The National Zoo stepped in to save the species. In 1906 they received 10 black squirrels from Ontario Canada. From 1902 -1906 the zoo released 18 black and 66 gray squirrels into the wild around the zoo. The black squirrels you see today are decendants of these animals.

FROM: Davezila
DATE: Monday September 6, 2004 -- 9:40:56 pm
Just thought I would add.... Haverford College (in PA) has the Black Squirrel as their mascot. Check out their bookstore online AND incidently, I got bit feeding a white squirrel by the Lincoln Memorial. I think he mistook my thumb for an even bigger peanut.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Tuesday September 14, 2004 -- 4:00:43 am
I live in Port Hope, On, Canada, and grey squirrels are RARE here, the normal colour is black. All the 10 or so little guys who raid my bird feeder are black, and I've only seen one grey one on my street.

FROM: jay
DATE: Tuesday September 21, 2004 -- 1:50:59 pm
I am from Indonesia, I never saw any black squirell here. I think it interesting if I could have a couple of the black squirell to breed them as a pet in my backyards.
I am also already have a couple of red squirell. And now I am still looking for albino squirell. I need a couple of albino squirell and I want to keep and breed them. could anyone help?

FROM: Michael
DATE: Saturday October 2, 2004 -- 9:17:33 pm
I live in Toronto and we mainly have black squirrels---I have never seen a white one. They're beautiful and their high-wire acrobatics in the treetops are jaw-dropping. How they survive the winter outside I don't know. I try to do my part by feeding them peanuts in the shell.

FROM: Jason
DATE: Tuesday October 26, 2004 -- 10:00:55 am
We have black squirrels here in Chicago. In fact, the part of the city I live in (Northwest side) has quite a few. They run around with the other grey squirrels, but are a bit braver when approached by people. I have been able to coax them to my window and feed them various types of nuts and even crackers once in a while. The black squirrels also seem a bit more curious about exploring the groud and running long distances before deciding to head up into a tree.

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 26, 2004 -- 4:17:02 pm
Just saw some black squirrels at Stanford University last week.

FROM: Mary
DATE: Sunday October 31, 2004 -- 2:15:32 pm
Finally saw my first black squirrel in Springfield,VA.

FROM: Steve
DATE: Saturday November 6, 2004 -- 1:08:10 am
I remember seeing black squirrels in Loring Park; adjacent to Downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis and Minnesota in general have TONS of squirrels. On a side note, we have lots of squirrels at my house, since I fed them.

FROM: Jan R.
DATE: Saturday November 6, 2004 -- 7:28:48 pm
I live in Bay City, Mi. We have had a black squirell for the last three weeks, in our back yard. He get along with the fox one we have. But there is only one. 11/06/04

DATE: Sunday November 14, 2004 -- 4:09:56 am
I saw a black one in Syracuse,NY and I am from Jersey- I thought it was by far THE WEIRDEST thing i have ever seen!

FROM: Katie Brown
DATE: Monday December 20, 2004 -- 8:54:40 am
Spotted an albino squirrel when we were walking on a path by Murrayfield Golf Course in Edinburgh, Scotland. Am going back up tonight to give it some nuts cos its freezing cold here and it probably has a tougher time than its grey mates!

FROM: Colleen
DATE: Monday March 21, 2005 -- 2:56:29 pm
A friend and I just saw a black squirrel in Washington DC. I live in St. Louis and we have millions of gray squirrels, but this was the first black squirrel I have ever seen.

FROM: starr
DATE: Thursday April 7, 2005 -- 6:35:05 pm
I saw my first black squirrel today, I did a triple take! I also did'nt know they existed. At Letchworth State park about 30 miles south of Rochester NY. It was totaly awesome!

FROM: tybee
DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 7:23:59 pm
i saw my first black squirrel in marion massachusetts last summer. i now have one living in the back yard here on cape cod. he is very friendly with the other grey squirrels. i hope he stays.

DATE: Tuesday June 14, 2005 -- 8:00:42 am
Squirrles are evil and are trying to take over the world!! The black and albino ones are the leaders. They might look innocent and cute but the're really mean!! We must stop them before it's too late!!!!

FROM: Sunshine
DATE: Wednesday June 15, 2005 -- 11:17:56 pm
When I saw 'my first' black squirrel I thought it was my cat up the tree trying to catch her a meal. Never seen one before........they are really cute and I hope to see more We have a few fox squirrel with gray bodies and black heads-tails-and feet.

Sunshine..South Carolina

FROM: Teri Pettit
DATE: Thursday July 7, 2005 -- 11:46:54 pm
In the area around Palo Alto and Menlo Park California (near Stanford University) almost all of the squirrels are black. Since before moving to California (in '72) I had lived in a desert area with no squirrels at all (other than ground squirrels), I thought it was just the normal color for squirrels, until I started reading articles about how surprised other people were to see them. Since then I've read stuff that says black fur is a dominant trait genetically, but it is usually disadvantageous in the wild because it is poor camouflage. Can't pass on your dominant mutant black fur gene if you get eaten by a hawk before you reach mating age. So black squirrels are uncommon in the wild, but tend to proliferate once they are introduced into areas where there are no natural predators. (Cars and bikes are a hazard to squirrels, but one which is somewhat lessened by being visible rather than increased.)

FROM: snaily
DATE: Friday July 8, 2005 -- 12:08:00 pm
ric wallace- i love the squirrel song
i saw a black squirrel in joliet, illinois a few summers ago. i also saw a red one in north carolina. we have tons of brown in our backyard and my dog likes to chase them :-P but she's never caught one. i hope she never does cuz theyre really cute lol

FROM: K.G. Schneider [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 12:21:14 am
In Palo Alto, are the black squirrels the same species? I'm thinking scirus carolinensis... is that correct?

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 12:06:38 pm
Back when I went to college at Fordham University in the Bronx (I used to contribute to the PING all the time back then, too...), the campus was littered with black squirrels. Our campus was located across the street from the bronx zoo and I once heard that the squirrels might have cross-bred with some kind of animal and that's why they were black. I couldn't tell you if that is true or not.

Pistol Jack

FROM: susan
DATE: Monday September 26, 2005 -- 6:23:11 pm
I've seen lots of them in southern White Bear Lake. It appears they are not all that uncommon, but they are beautiful, nonetheless.

FROM: susan
DATE: Monday September 26, 2005 -- 6:24:21 pm
That is in Minnesota. oops! :)

FROM: shannon
DATE: Saturday October 15, 2005 -- 7:45:22 pm
In the Rochester, NY area I have seen black squirrels as well as white and white/grey squirrels. I fear for my life now.

FROM: Laura
DATE: Wednesday October 19, 2005 -- 11:09:20 pm
I saw a black squirrel in Central Park NY last weekend

FROM: Nate
DATE: Friday October 28, 2005 -- 7:32:20 am
I've lived in Sturgis, Michigan not S.Dakota all my life and have seen black squirrels since I can remember. The farther away from the city you get and the closer to the woodlands you get you see less but they still exist.

DATE: Saturday November 5, 2005 -- 4:03:14 pm
I live in St. Marys, Pa. I have seen quite a few black squirrels in my time but last week i spotted and photographed an albino in my backyard at our bird feeder! What a beatiful creature!

FROM: Burns [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 9, 2005 -- 5:27:03 pm
There are a few dozen black squirrels living on the SUNY Maritime College campus in New York.

FROM: sandy
DATE: Friday November 11, 2005 -- 2:56:07 pm
I have black squirrels running around my yard everyday of the year. I live in Redwood City, CA. Black squirrels are not an uncommon site around here.... Redwood City, Palo Alto, Menlo Park. Somtimes I see more black ones than gray.

FROM: darthtuna
DATE: Monday November 14, 2005 -- 1:29:02 pm
I live in St Paul,MN,and had never seen a black squirrel until this year. Suddenly, I've seen eight at various location throughout the city. I thought we were having an invasion, though if the gene is dominant, and knowing that squirrels can travel great distances, perhaps they are descended from a common ancestor-maybe Canadian, eh? I've seen three around Lake Phalen alone. One day, I saw a black, an albino, and several greys in the same yard! Wow.My girlfriend-also a squirrel nut,and I have named them by location:East Phalen Blackie, Highland Blackie, etc. We are a little concerned about Lexington Blackie as she lives on a major thoroughfare and we only see her when she is running for her life across the street

FROM: kornholieo
DATE: Saturday February 11, 2006 -- 8:55:41 pm
Im in central MN myself,just seen my first black squirrel running around with two of the grey ones in my yard.

FROM: Amber
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2006 -- 1:57:10 pm
I just saw my first black squirrel in my mother-in-laws backyard in parkersburg, wv!! Had to get online and check them out

FROM: Nancy Aleshire
DATE: Wednesday June 7, 2006 -- 2:29:33 pm
I thought I died and went to "squirrel heaven". I went to Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis and saw my first black squirrel. Loring Park is my son's favorite place; he loves it and he loves his squirrels. Now I can see why; the place is so peaceful. I just brought a bag of Kay-tee Food for Squirrels and I have friends for life.

Nancy Aleshire
Brooklyn Park, MN

FROM: Cindy A Sensenbaugh
DATE: Sunday July 9, 2006 -- 1:46:33 pm

FROM: Taylor Burkum
DATE: Friday August 4, 2006 -- 7:29:32 pm
Haha, I am from southwest Iowa and I see almost nothing but black squirrels everyday all the time. We've got thousands of them! So it's funny to hear people saying that it's so amazing to see them. And the 1 in 10,000 "fact" is definantly not true, so, just to clarify. And if you want a couple, come on down here to Iowa with a net and some nuts, you'll get some, haha!

Sue H September 20, 2006, 2:37 pm

I saw a black squirrel for the first time this week. I live in San Diego but am working out of my Palo Alto office. And running around behind our office? A black squirrel — who was actually being chased by a grey squirrel! (I’m not entirely sure they were playing, either!) I literally did a double-take; I’ve never even heard of a black squirrel before let alone seen one. I have a lot of brown tree squirrels in my neighborhood in San Diego (they love the peanuts I feed them). Seeing a black squirrel for the first time was a cool experience!

Allison January 31, 2007, 6:56 pm

I’ve seen a few black squirrels in Billerica, MA. My boyfriend laughed at me when I told him I saw one in the parking lot where I worked. I didn’t know they exisited and I have lived in the area for 30+ years. I tried to take a picture of one with my cell phone but it came out as a small black dot. ha ha never did get proof. I think I will send him this link! See Ian I am NOT nuts! LOVE squirrels!!

Peter G May 28, 2007, 2:30 pm

First Black Squirrel on May 26, 2007 in my backyard in East Sandwich. MA Very cool.

Blaise C May 28, 2007, 4:24 pm

Grew up in western Massachusetts – lots of black squirrels there. The received wisdom was that had originally come from Japan and been imported for a local park (which explains nothing about their prevalence in the midwest). Can blacks mate w/greys or reds?

IamLisa May 30, 2007, 8:11 pm

Black squirrels are really cute! I’ve seen bunches of them in the Lansing, MI area and few around the north shore in Chicago.


Ronnie June 6, 2007, 12:19 am

Have one in my back yard in Austin, Texas… First I’ve seen in Texas.

alex September 28, 2007, 2:24 am

i seen a black squirrel today in my back yard i live in wurtsboro ny 12790 i just bought this house last year i have three hickory trees and have grey squirrels chimpmunks and that pretty black squirrel

Chelsea October 10, 2007, 12:18 am

I was driving to my mother-in-law’s house and a black squirrel ran right in front of my car! I was so surprised because I didn’t know that they existed! I live in Windsor, CT and no one else that I’ve spoken to has ever seen a black squirrel. I had to look it up on the internet just to prove to my family that black squirrels exist!

Corissa October 10, 2007, 8:47 pm

i love gabby renee with all of my heart.
so back off bitchess.

Kathy October 17, 2007, 1:03 am

I see black squirrels when I go to Canada. They’re ALL the squirrels I’ve seen in Toronto and Vancouver. Some accounts associate them with the North, and that works for me.

Scott July 30, 2008, 2:06 am

We have a whole bunch in northern California. I was surprised as well cause I moved here from SO CAL. They are really cool.

Finn October 13, 2008, 7:48 pm

I just spotted my first black squirrel here in Chicago (Logan Square neighborhood). Lucky for me a bicyclist also saw it, and stopped with me. We both looked at it for a moment, and he asked me to verify that it was black! Very strange, but beautiful. I had to look for a bit to make sure it wasn’t a rat (which we have plenty of), but he went up a tree with his fluffy tail, so I was sure it was a squirrel.

Kris Bell October 24, 2008, 10:34 pm

I saw a black squirrel here in a yard in Davis today. I wish I had a camera with me. It was shaped like a fox squirrel, but colored black. He or she seemed more shy than the typical fox squirrel, who are very laid back about humans. He ran across the yard after noticing me watching him.

Frank P Fuerneisen March 17, 2009, 11:25 pm

I just saw my first black squirrel in Pawleys Island, SC. Iwas along the road just off one of the local golf course.

Mac May 29, 2009, 6:04 pm

We have had black squirrels for decades. I am looking at one right now robbing the bird seed from the feeder. We live in Rosepoint section of Wareham, MA just across the river from Marion, MA. Yhe unusual thing about these black squirrels is their boldness. They are not fazed by threats. Our dog: Regis finds them annoying.

josh September 10, 2009, 2:40 pm

I live in Newton Iowa and we have a few diffrent groups of black squirrels in town.

Earl Booth September 27, 2009, 5:59 pm

Hi! Frank
On Feb. 17 08 I received a gift from you. I don’t believe that I ever thanked you for it.
So “Thank You very much.”
About the black squirrels, They are the color of squirrels in Canada across the river from Hammond, N.Y. There are grey squirrels on the U.S. side of the St. Lawrence river. They seldom cross over even when the river is frozen.
Frank, I have to confess my forgetfulness if we have met in the past. I found envelope with your return address and was chastened in conscience that Ii had not replied, unless I did write, and have forgotten.
There was certainly a great interest in the squirrel blog.
Until we meet again, Earl.

Tyler November 4, 2009, 2:54 am

I saw my first when I went to Omaha, NE. While I was there on a trip from Oklahoma to repair a B-52 Bomber at Offutt AFB, I went for a drive and ended up at Council Bluffs Iowa. I found a lake I cant remember the name but on the east side I saw them all over the place. The first one I saw I thought it was a skunk. I took a pic and some short videos.

Cindy February 1, 2010, 6:19 pm

I had never seen a black squirrel until we went to New York City a couple of years ago. I live in Pennsylvania right ouitside Philly and we only have the grey ones there, so I was surpprised to see a black one in New York. It’s only 1 1/2 hours away from Philly. Just went back to New York last week and there were tons of them in Central Park. Very brazen to. One came right up to me while I was sitting on a park bench. He was so cute! He kept looking at me as if to say ” Hey! Ain’t you got anything for me?”!! LOL Very cute.

Curtis February 11, 2010, 3:44 am

I saw my first black squirrel today outside of Hartsville, SC. I never knew they existed and had to google it and found this site. It was a ebony black squireel and in a very rural setting.

abby April 11, 2010, 6:50 pm

I grew up in Cherokee, IA where there is a large population of black squirrel. However, I now live in Ames, IA which is about two and a half hours from my hometown and I’ve never seen a black squirrel in Ames in the 13 years I’ve resided there.

OldMasterTech August 29, 2010, 12:06 pm

Saw a black squirrel yesterday in Wareham, MA crossing the street near Nessralla’s vegetable stand.

Nancy October 18, 2010, 2:06 pm

Just yesterday I saw a black squirrel on Edgewater Avenue in the Andersonville neighborhood, in Chicago. I’ve lived here for 30 years and have only seen gray ones. The one other time I saw black squirrels was in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and they were everywhere.

Marge January 5, 2011, 7:54 am

I saw a jet black squirrel yesterday! It was beautiful and I couldn’t believe it! I was upset I didn’t have my camera with me! I live in Andover, MA

jeff December 29, 2011, 10:20 pm

Hello i live in campbell,ca and im happy to say that i have a black male squirrel
as a pet his name is lucky.I found him at the bottom of a palm tree still end the nest that had fallen out durning a wind storm there was 2 others that didnt servive the fall he was so small the size of a silver dollar no fur and eyes were closed he was about 4 to 7 days old me and my girl friend bottle fed him ever two hour and had to take him to work with us now he is 2 years old doing good and he sleeps in the bed with us.4 cats and one squirrel in the same bed.

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