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January 11th, 2003

The Surreal Life

When Pinger Matt mentioned The Surreal Life the other day, I hadn’t even heard about it. I saw a commercial or two after that, and decided that after the generally uninteresting Joe Millionaire debut, that a reality show with Emmanuel Lewis, Hammer, Corey Feldman, and other similar celebrities would be at least twice as good.

It certainly was… and the title was very appropos. Imagine Webster sleeping in bunkbeds with Hammer. Or a group of celebrities going food shopping together. The end result is just… weird.

Oddly, I’m more intrigued by this show than Joe Millionaire… the dynamic in the house between a group of celebrities that, for the most part, haven’t met each other before is more interesting than you’d think. For instance, they all seemed to join together in the opinion that Jeri from Survivor wasn’t a celebrity and that Robin Givens (apparently one of the original choices for the show) would have been better. (I agree.)

If you missed the debut of the show, the WB is re-airing it this Sunday. Watch for it. And I guarantee you’ll pee yourself everytime Emmanuel Lewis laughs… I swore George Papadopolis and “M’aam” were going to come around the corner.

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