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January 24th, 2003

Break Time

Yesterday, Ryan asked the musical question, “What’s on your nightstand?” Today I’m matching his question with the even-less-musical question, “When do you take breaks at work?”

I try to take one every 30 seconds. But that doesn’t work very well.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 11:00:24 am
I work out of the house - I take a break whenever I feel like it. The downside is when I really busy I never feel like I'm leave the office!I take lunch eight at noon usually and watch a little Screensavers on TechTV with my PB&J.

DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 12:26:25 pm
I wish I could take a break. But I am a special education teacher of students with severe and profound disabilities. The only time I get a break is when I have my 25 minute lunch and that is when and if I don't have a sick student in my room. My real break comes at 4:00pm when my students are safely on their busses to go home for the day.

FROM: Matthew
DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 3:07:51 pm
God bless you Jax. My mom taught special education for several years. She was always tired when she got home, but she always commented on what a great reward she got when one of her students learned something new. More power to you Jax!

Oh, did you want me to comment on the ping? I hate to get in a rut, but I seem to take breaks at 9 AM and 3 PM for the regular dose of Diet Coke and then an hour lunch in between. Not too exciting.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 3:53:14 pm
Jax- You rock! thanks for helping out the special ed children.

FROM: dave
DATE: Friday January 24, 2003 -- 8:26:31 pm
I try to take a break every 20 minutes. I have this enormous monitor that's almost always in my field of view. So, to rest my eyes and stretch my legs, I take a lap around the office. Helps me keep up on gossip too...

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