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January 29th, 2003

Be a Journalist!

Have you ever wanted to be a paid, full-time journalist? No, you can’t have our jobs here at the Ping (our boss would hand our butts to us on a silver platter), but you can be a Virtual Journalist (via PCJM). You graduate from college as a bright-eyed stick figure with a reporter’s hat and jump right into the working world at a local paper. From your first fluff piece to shocking exposes, Virtual Journlist lets you experience all the excitement of being a news reporter without any of the smoke or coffee stains!

Alright, maybe it’s not that good, but it’s kinda’ cute. Kinda’.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 29, 2003 -- 10:52:04 am
I thought in this age of decentralized communications and the blog that we were all journalists now. Hell, if Drudge can make a living at it anybody can.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 1:09:40 am
I think I would do an undercover expose for Black Tail.

FROM: dave
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 7:36:15 pm
Bloggers are the only way to get something other than the corporate media line. The Trent Lott story would never have had the impact it did if a few bloggers hadn't kept it alive.

*But* - bloggers need to be upfront about who and what they are. My mom thinks the Drudge Report is just a news-clipping service, and can't see its obvious slant.

FROM: Joey
DATE: Wednesday April 30, 2003 -- 12:08:02 pm
Does ping have a college

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