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February 8th, 2003

Cold or Snow?

One of the beauties of living in Chicago is that, during the winter, we often get both frigid cold and wacky snowfall. Frigid cold, of course, for Chicago; International Falls, Minnesota, seems to be the coldest place in the lower 48 sometimes.

But what if you could choose? Either very cold, below zero temperatures and unspeakably cold wind chills… or getting a fair amount of snow, which has the potential to shut down the city?

I really don’t enjoy the cold much. But a lot of snow is something I also don’t like very much (especially if I need something, and Kozmo no longer exists….) So I’d probably still go with the cold, simply because I could still get around outside.

[I might add that the idea of having a warm winter due to climate freaks me out a bit.]

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