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March 15th, 2003

Rebate Confusion

Here’s a conundrum…

I ordered a spindle of 100 CD-Rs online a couple of weeks ago. There were two rebates offered with the purchase, bringing the cost down to a mere 9 cents per CD-R. However, upon closer examination of the two rebates, a problem arose: both required “original UPC symbols from the box.” The fact that there was no “box” wasn’t a problem, but figuring out how to turn one original UPC into two had me a bit confused. Apparently, only magicians are eligible for this particular rebate.

So, the $18 rebate got the original and the $4 rebate got a copy with a note. *shrug* That’s the best I could do.

(Hey, you… stop mumbling under your breath. This is not a lame Ping. OK, maybe it is.)

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