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July 11th, 2003

Who needs Subway or Quiznos?

If you have a Whole Foods/Fresh Fields nearby, you never again need to go to a Subway or Quiznos. After having tried a few of their custom-made sandwiches, I can definitely say that the Whole Foods sandwiches are far superior to their fast-food counterpart. For $4.99 (or maybe even less if you forego the meat) you get your choice of a number of different breads, deli meats, vegetables (fresh or grilled), greens (mixed, lettuce, and spinach), and spreads. Last night I had mixed greeens, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onions, and a couple of other veggies on tomato focaccia bread with a heavenly saffron(!)-garlic mayo. Man oh man, talk about good. And for only $3.99.

So, the next time you’re picking up your tallow-free soap and veggie chips, swing over to the sandwich counter and pick up a delicious delight that easily beats out Subway for pretty much the same price.

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John December 24, 2006, 9:34 pm

Just went to Quizno’s today and had a sandwich they called a “Smoked Turkey” and I can tell all of you that I will never go back to Sub-Way again. The sandwich w/ soda + chips cost me $6 and change and well worth it. Sub-Way can’t touch the masterpiece I tried today. Everyone should at least try it once. I’ll be going back for more soon!


Willie January 16, 2007, 12:48 am

The Queznos on Waterloo Rd. in Stockton, CA has to be one of the worst I have ever been to. So skimpy!!!

mel January 16, 2007, 3:53 pm

“I hate to think about all of our kids and the elderly that Quiznos is taking advantage of all over the country”

That cracks me up. Our poor elderly being railroaded through a Quiznos line, tricked into buying sandwiches and salads that they don’t want, and swindled out of 11 bucks. I mean, that’s right up there with the Nigerian princess email scam and life insurance salesman. Certainly not something that a lifetime of experience as a consumer could prevent. 11 bucks. Sigh… How’s grandma going to pay the mortagage now!?!

Cherokee January 27, 2007, 9:37 pm

FYI for you vegans, Quiznos white and wheat bread has no “off limits” ingredients.

Some of you need to come out of the dark ages. Quiznos now has double meat sandwichs which means 5 oz on a small, 8 oz on a regular and 12 oz on a large. If you’re not getting that watch them weight the meat. EVERY sandwich I get there is over-stuffed. Sure they use processed meat – do you think Boar’s Head is NOT processed – think again. Just look at it and you can see.

I go to Quiznos several times a week, the men u is varied and it’s all good. Great deal for the money. Can’t remember last time I went to McDonald’s or Sonic for less than $7 or $8. I must admit though, the experience and amount of food can depend on the Quiznos you go to. Most of them seem to give you what you pay for, but once in a while there’s a less desireable one out there.

kelly March 20, 2007, 8:24 am

FYI for you vegans, Quiznos white and wheat bread has no “off limits” ingredients.

well this is good to know! (my post it 2 months late for yours, and about 2-4 years late for the rest..why am I posting here hhaaaaa) but I was wondering if the guacamole has gelatin in it?

Nealio April 4, 2008, 2:33 pm

I ate at Quizno’s for the very first time yesterday…had their Prime Rib Ranchero, regular size. An hour later I felt strange–nauseated, a little too warm, and extremely bloated.

I get a very similar reaction to McDogdoo’s breakfasts, and no longer eat there.

Does anyone else get these symptoms???

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