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July 11th, 2003

Who needs Subway or Quiznos?

If you have a Whole Foods/Fresh Fields nearby, you never again need to go to a Subway or Quiznos. After having tried a few of their custom-made sandwiches, I can definitely say that the Whole Foods sandwiches are far superior to their fast-food counterpart. For $4.99 (or maybe even less if you forego the meat) you get your choice of a number of different breads, deli meats, vegetables (fresh or grilled), greens (mixed, lettuce, and spinach), and spreads. Last night I had mixed greeens, spinach, cucumber, tomato, onions, and a couple of other veggies on tomato focaccia bread with a heavenly saffron(!)-garlic mayo. Man oh man, talk about good. And for only $3.99.

So, the next time you’re picking up your tallow-free soap and veggie chips, swing over to the sandwich counter and pick up a delicious delight that easily beats out Subway for pretty much the same price.

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FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 10:17:28 am

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 10:20:27 am
Damn "enter" key got in my way!

As I was about to say, I will have to try the Whole Foods sandwiches. I like Quiznos better than Subway but find spending $7.50 + for a sandwich and drink is a little much. This might be a good alternative and there's a Whole Foods less than a mile from work.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 11:40:56 am
Some Safeways also have a pretty decent deli - with $4.99 luch specials for a sandwhich, chips, and a drink.

DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 12:47:18 pm
subways used processed meat which means that it has been ground up and made back into meat shapes... turkey slices etc...
I do like their tuna.. but why do they always ask me if I want cheese on it?
Finally one day I said ok I will have cheese,
what kind?
urmm Swiss,
We dont have that
Ok What kind do you have?
urm American and ... this other kind of american...

What is it with the cheese?? I never did try Tuna and Cheese... thank god

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 12:55:14 pm
We got a great sandwich shoppe here called the deli subway. for $4.99 a great everything you ever wanted on it sandwich, hot or cold and a med. size drink. Can't beat that anywhere can you?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 12:55:48 pm
Man, who's paying $7.50 for a sandwich, chips and drink? I still "need" Quizno's only because they have a coupon floating around out there for a free sandwich when you buy chips and a drink - so, for about $2, you get a full meal.

Subway can go away, though.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 6:37:01 pm
Quizno's sucks. It's nice that they toat their subs, but it's always over-toasted and cuts up the inside of my mouth.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 6:42:20 pm
You must be going to a bad Quizno's, Robert. The one that I used to frequent in Lynchburg toasted them perfectly. Granted, the sandwiches were a bit expensive, but every now and then, they would flood the area with coupons, making it worth the while.

My recommendations for a fast and good sub: Sheetz. Bavarian Ham Pretzel Melt. MMMMM....

FROM: Doren
DATE: Saturday July 12, 2003 -- 8:01:27 pm
If you're relying on Subway or Quizno's for a sandwich, you OBVIOUSLY haven't learned about Schlotzsky's. Now THAT'S a sandwich. I think they're national. I've lived in Tulsa, Little Rock, and Phoenix and had them in all 3 places. Trust me, if you haven't had one, and see one in a city you're visiting, for God's sake- STOP!

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday July 12, 2003 -- 8:41:18 pm
Schlotzky's opened here and lasted for about a year; they chose a very bad location. I should be a location-scout for all retailers and restaurants.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 12, 2003 -- 10:13:22 pm
I actually ate at a Schlotzky's today, as I'm coming back from a day in North Carolina (in Virginia, at the hotel right now). The Schlotzky's was good, but WAY overpriced..I ended up spending a pretty penny for a decent sandwich, where I could have gone to a regular restaraunt and gotten a sit down dinner for just a buck or two more.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday July 13, 2003 -- 10:15:32 am
I used to like Schlotzky's quite a bit, but I'm with Dave: way, way too expensive.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 13, 2003 -- 5:43:08 pm
You must be going to a bad Quizno's, Robert. Actually two, both in the Richmond, VA area. I don't know what's up with these places. Maybe the should stop hiring preppy high school boys.

FROM: u all suck
DATE: Sunday July 13, 2003 -- 6:08:22 pm
Quiznos is the #1 franchised resurant for a reason... because its the best... i have a cut in my mouth??? what kinda shit is that.. maybe its herpes from your gf dude. as for being expensive... you all must be cheap asses.. you can spend 5 bucks at McD's for some nasty food or a whole dollar more for qality food at quiznos.... mmm...TOASTY!!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday July 13, 2003 -- 6:16:17 pm
It's hilarious to me about how a whole chain's marketing plan revolves around toasting bread.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 13, 2003 -- 11:05:49 pm
I like Pingers whose identities are a statement against the world. How many "u all sucks" (or variations there of) have there been here?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday July 14, 2003 -- 10:24:29 am
I do like how people defending things we go after in these Pings rarely, if ever, can form a cohesive thought. It adds life.

Robert: 590.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday July 14, 2003 -- 11:12:41 am
My solution to the expensive sandwiches- make one at home for under a dollar. They usually taste better at home then they would at a shop.

FROM: johnny
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 3:28:35 pm
Quiznos Rocks! I am the mid-west conisuer of subs and I vote for Quizno's... as for th eprice thing...heres the bottom line: Quizno's smalls are all $3.99 while Subway smalls (very small) are all $3.59 to $4.19. So if the 30 or 40 cents makes you happy, go to SuckWay. I'm sticking with the best: Quizno's . PS..Schlotzkeys is ok too.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 4:36:32 pm
SuckWay. Now there's a creative twist of the SubWay name. Oh wait, my mistake... it's not creative.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 6:22:01 pm
I went to Quizno's tonight and decided I've never going there ever again. Four chances it's had to satisfy me and four times it's failed.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 8:13:53 pm
It's a toss up at Quizno's. I went there today for lunch (co-worker paid...sweet!), and had what was probably the best sandwich I've had in a LONG time. Last time or two I went on my own, it was mediocre.

I dunno..Maybe it was just because I wasn't paying for it..that's why it was good: It was free. ;)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 11, 2003 -- 8:41:54 pm
I'm going to give it one more go, only because I've got a coupon for a free sandwich with the purchase of a drink and chips. But I'm still going in with the attitude of, "Yeah, you toast it... so what?" Me bitter man.

FROM: GreenFish
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 10:37:56 am
What the frick? No mention of lucious Jimmy John's? True, their meat is just as processed as Subway, but their bread is so much firmer and tastier (not often soggy like Subway). Plus - as aforementioned - it's not toasted so it doesn't cut your mouth when you eat it.

I just love that tasty combo of fresh bread, lettuce, mayo, meat - yum!

Anyways - also recented tested out Potbelly Sandwich. They also toast their sam'iches, but they put the cold ingredients on last (i.e., lettuce, mayo), which I like, because it keeps them crispy.

Also enjoy sandwiches from Panera (my husband complains that they're "girly" sandwiches, I think because Panera doesn't offer American cheese and regular fake sandwich stuff) - but I like it. Also enjoying the Cosi sandwiches on the Cosi flatbread that they use. Can be made cold or hot in many different varieties.

Will occasionally eat at Subway or Quiznos, but I tend to avoid it in lieu of other great choices.

FROM: James
DATE: Friday September 26, 2003 -- 9:08:34 pm
Quizno's is a league above Subway. As for price, weigh a small sandwich from each and you'll find you get more from Quizno's. And it's real meat, not real ground up, reshaped with flavor enhancers. Schlotzky's does make a good sandwich but for some reason, they rarely succeed.
Finally, for Robert, tell them you don't want it toasted or toast it lightly. You just gotta tell em. It won't be as good but it won't cut your mouth either.

DATE: Saturday October 11, 2003 -- 10:36:06 am
What is the nutritional value to their food? It is delicious but I want to know how it fits into my diet. Thanks.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday October 11, 2003 -- 11:31:34 am
I can't imagine that type of information wouldn't be on their websites.

The Daily Ping: Official Website of Quizno's, Subway, and Jimmy John's.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Monday April 26, 2004 -- 1:37:12 pm
Here is a question:
If Subway started toasting their sandwiches would it radically change things for those who now go to Quiznos..etc?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday April 26, 2004 -- 4:53:29 pm
If Subway started toasting their sandwiches would it radically change things for those who now go to Quiznos..etc?

Not really, since Subway is in bed with the Atkins folks.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Tuesday April 27, 2004 -- 9:41:38 am
Come on are going to let the fact that it might be a healthy chain stop you from enjoying toasted subs?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday April 27, 2004 -- 10:20:48 am
Come on are going to let the fact that it might be a healthy chain stop you from enjoying toasted subs?

There's a big difference between offering healthy food and receiving money from a large company that sells a glorified diet, my friend.

I'm not going to stop enjoying toasted subs. I'll just enjoy them at someplace other than Subway.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 27, 2004 -- 10:50:06 am
Since Subway started slapping Atkins on every ad they air, I haven't eaten there once.

The original commercials were particularly obnoxious, where they played sitars in the background like Atkins was some sort of spiritual, mystical experience.

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 4:19:22 pm
I say fuck every restaurant that specializes in ANYTHING that involves 2 pieces of bread...subway, quiznos, schlotskys, burger king, wendys, etc...its ALL shit...i have enough experience in the fast food industry to know that all that shit is exactly that. SHIT!

DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 4:44:48 pm
I think Andrew has had way too much experience in the fast food industry!

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 9:22:03 pm
Actually I've only worked at 2 different Subways. To me, all fast food is garbage, be it Subs, Burgers, whatever. Personally, I've been a fan of Mcdonald's since birth and NOTHING is going to ever change that; but its crap none the less. Mcdonald's is just my prefered taste in crap. When Dave Thomas set sail with Wendy's his fatal flaw was trying to get the shit to be good, which isn't possible, because good is completely contradictory to the very meaning of fast food. He wanted the food to be good, but he failed miserably. And if you wanna know why the food at Wendy's and Burger King both taste like somebody spit in it, that's because they did. DON'T order Burger King's onion rings.

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 9:36:21 pm
As far as Quizno's and Subway are concerned, both are heavily overrated, and they both suck a lot of ass. There is nothing that they do with subs at Quizno's that I couldn't do myself at home, and mine are even better on one of my bad days than the ones at Quizno's are on one of their good days anyway. I don't like the kind of folks that come into Subway and I sure as fuck don't like the kind of folks that eat Quizno's. They're all a bunch of fucking yuppies. The same kind of people who would blow your brains out for smoking near them in a sit-down restaurant if TheTruth or any other anti-tobacco group told them it was ok.

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 9:41:17 pm
On an unrelated note, Dr. Atkins, the guy that designed the whole Atkins low carb system, died of a heart attack. Now what does that tell YOU? Among other things, one thing it tells me is, if you're aware of the man's death and how he died but you're still on his diet, not only are you a goddamn idiot, but I hope you get a heart attack and die too. The fewer morons we have in this country the better off we'll all be.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 11:18:27 pm
On an unrelated note, Dr. Atkins, the guy that designed the whole Atkins low carb system, died of a heart attack.

Um... he slipped and fell on ice...

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 11:19:54 pm
Meant to include the obligatory Snopes link to show that the "heart attack" theory hasn't been proven.

FROM: bitemee
DATE: Sunday June 13, 2004 -- 7:39:26 pm
I make sandwiches at home now, and estimate that I can now go to hawaii over christmas break with the moolah I'm saving. For you lazy asses out there who are buying sandwiches, I recommend safeway sandwiches, the meat's pretty good, and the sandwiches are bigger than quizno's/subway et all.

FROM: Evelyn
DATE: Sunday June 27, 2004 -- 11:09:21 am
I'm just curious, does Quiznos add milk, butter, or eggs to their bread? Ever since I turned vegan a while back, I've been craving Quizno's subs and I don't really like meat so that's no big loss, but I love the bread and veggies! I tried looking for an ingredients list, but I haven't been able to find one, so for now I'm stuck eating Subway dammit.

FROM: Shana
DATE: Wednesday July 14, 2004 -- 5:07:11 pm
Alright. I work at Quizno's here in Ontario. The bread comes from Gordon's Food Service. We add garlic oil to it, and that's it. Nothing in the store is low fat, despite the Under 7 Grams! promise. Granted, if you leave off the sauces and cheese, then it can be, but then you're paying for bread and meat, which you can toast at home for under 2 bucks and eat all week. The low-carb flat breads apply only to the bread. The sauces on the sandwiches are loaded with carbs, so misleading once again. I personally think that no matter what you think you're buying, Quizno's Subs are almost as bad for you as Mickey D's or BK.
I actually eat at Subway myself. (When I feel like paying out the wazoo for sandwiches).
By the way. Our store is filthy and we have more than out fair share of green meat and bread. (Shhh... that's a secret.) Just rinse it off, our crazy manager says. MMMM....toasty.
My friends and family don't eat there.

FROM: Claire
DATE: Wednesday August 4, 2004 -- 6:55:41 pm
You should try the sandwiches at Vons. It is $4.99 for a HUGE deli sandwich, and they are the bomb!

FROM: dash
DATE: Wednesday February 2, 2005 -- 1:55:46 am
Potbellys blows quiznos out of the water...and subway is just weak in general... the one near my house toasts the bread now, but they toasted it with the lettuce and everything inside, what kind of shit is that? i mean come on! toasting with the veggies? i don't eat meat and the potbellys veggy is a lot better than both, but quiznos is next above subway as far as those three go... but i am looking for the nutrition facts for quiznos, i'm curious.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday February 2, 2005 -- 10:43:34 am
I do like how people defending things we go after in these Pings rarely, if ever, can form a cohesive thought.

Well said. Anyway . . .

So, GreenFish, Jimmy John's slogan should be "Bigger, Firmer, Meatier?" Sounds like sublimation to me.

Enough razzing; now my two cents:

A new Quizno's just opened up here and we tried it. I have to say, I was not impressed. The bread was toasted, but rather stale--not freshly made like at Subway. What we got was too expensive for what we paid. You don't get a ton of free fixings, either. The girl who made our sandwich didn't even offer cheese (even if the choice is American or some other American, at least you get some cheese at Subway (SuckWay).

In defense of SuckWay, I usually get a giant GIANT veggie delight. In fact, I usually split a foot long with my significant other. It rings up at just under $6 with chips and drink, and it makes you full as a tick. I can't usually finish my half.

As for Quizno's small sandwiches being comparable to SuckWay's, don't forget that SuckWay has three sizes, with the smallest being the deli-round. I used to get a tuna with cheese deli-round and all the vegetables. Just by itself, that sucker would ring up a staggering $1.67. I couldn't make my own with all that stuff on it for $1.67, and it was a filling sandwich. In fact, I look forward to it.

The other thing I don't like about Quizno's is that it's really overmarketed in there. It's like if Starbuck's ran a sandwich shop. Sure it's slick inside, but the food doesn't compare. However, that never mattered to Starbuck's either, as they put smaller superior coffee shops out of business one by one due to aggressive marketing.

Verdict: Quizno's is not worth it--just trying to cash in on the awesome success of Subway, and not doing that well at it.

I'll take Subway any day over Quizno's. In fact, I'd go to Burger King before I'd go to Quizno's again.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 12:41:28 pm
My husband and I LOVE Quizno's, subway too! I think their subs are awsome! If I want toasted I go to Quizno's, they are the 2 best sub places I've ever been too. I have noticed Subway's to be pretty dirty. I went to a Jimmy John's for the first time in March, I thought it was terrible, there was absolutely no taste to my sub! But if I want a super good sandwich, hand down, Panera Bread wins!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 4:38:52 pm
What we got was too expensive for what we paid

Speaking of "can't form a cohesive thought."

I meant to write that what we paid was too expensive for what we got.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 6:42:37 pm
I love partaking in Panera Bread from time to time..the best is the lunch special of (your choice of 2) Half Cup Soup/Half Salad/Half Sandwich for $4.99. Outstanding lunch, although upon reading the nutritional info, their stuff is really high in sodium, making it a every-now-and-again-only treat.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 6:51:48 pm
Yeah! I always get their Tuscan Chicken sandwich (which they had taken away for awhile..but is back!) and their seafood bisque (but they took that away too!) Lunch special Rocks! haha

FROM: Wylie
DATE: Monday June 20, 2005 -- 12:27:53 pm

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Fast Food Restaurants Submitted: 6/16/2005 2:59:46 PM
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Quiznos Choose 2 for $5.89 SCAM ripoff Denver Colorado

1475 Lawrence St Suite 400
Denver Colorado 80202
Phone Number:

I had never visited a Quiznos before the one opened two doors down from my business. I went in and stood in line. When it was my turn I asked the server if Quiznos had any specials?. The server said yes pointing to a point of purchace sign on top of the counter. It said Choose 2 for $5.89. I asked if I had to order two just alike? She answered no, any two sandwiches. I ordered.
She then asked if I wanted a salad or soup? I answered no. She said it is included in the $5.89. I told her salad. I figured they were the little 99 cent promo salads you get at other fast food places.

I got to the cashier and she said my bill was $11.74. I asked what happened to the $5.89 special. The cashier acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. The server overhearing our conversation came over and stated "The special is not for two sandwiches for $5.89. It is one sandwich and one salad or soup." I told her not to take it personnaly but Quiznos really has a deceptive marketing ploy going here. I asked her if I was the only one to bring this up and she smiled and said " NO we are having a lot of customers that feel the way you do. I again told her I was not blaming her, it is the Quiznos marketing people that are at fault. I paid the bill in full and left.

I contacted the president Mr. Steve Shaffer's office and their marketing department returned my call. Their position as I understand it." The choose 2 for $5.89 promotion is explained in print below on the bottom of the signage. I stated why should you have to explain that the choose 2 for $5.89 doesn't mean what it implys. Two sandwiches for $5.89, if you are not trying to trick people into buying a sandwich and soup or salad. She had no answer short of repeating how the promotion (skam) worked.

I know I can take care of myself and if I couldn't pay the larger amount I could have used my credit card or cancelled the order. I hate to think about all of our kids and the elderly that Quiznos is taking advantage of all over the country. I'm sure many of them feel it was their fault and end up paying more than they can afford. Meanwhile The Marketing people and owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

Oneonta, Alabama

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FROM: t bone
DATE: Thursday June 30, 2005 -- 2:29:16 pm
What are you people smoking? Quiznos offers an entire Real deal menu From $2.99! add chips and a drink and its still under $5. If you get the black angus that's more pricey. Wholesale cost of this meat alone is over $4 per LB. the new Large double angus that sells for $9.99 has 13 oz. of meat alone!

this is a fact. Quiznos puts more meats on a reguler size sub than Subway puts on their large foot longs.

You get what you pay for.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 30, 2005 -- 3:24:08 pm
What are you people smoking? Quiznos offers an entire Real deal menu From $2.99!

Original Ping date: 7.11.2003.

Two thousand and three. Hello!

DATE: Saturday October 29, 2005 -- 10:52:27 am
HAHAHAHA 13 oz meat on a large? i work at Quiznos in Ontario and we put 6 oz if that. So thats like 2 dollars of steak for a large sub... hmm were is the other 10 dollars going? Bread is like a dollar and the veggies are like 50 cents. So basically its a huge rip off. I hate quiznos just the smell makes me sick. The kitchen is so dirty my friends and family would never eat there. Subway is alot better and better for u. I'm not sure if their kitchen is clean but anything is cleaner than quiznos.

FROM: Debbie
DATE: Monday November 7, 2005 -- 7:21:59 am
All I have to say is that you all never had a sub from LaManna"s Original Sub Shop In Emmaus P.A. It it hands down the BEST sub you will ever eat in your life. Quiznos is garbage food all processed. this deli only sells "Boars Head"

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday November 7, 2005 -- 2:15:41 pm
I haven't been to Suckway in a while, like a year, but last weekend at lunch time, we happened to drive by. I got the usual veggie delight on the oat bread. This thing was loaded with fresh vegetables--HUGE. Two of us split the footlong and there was still some leftovers after we were both swollen full of fresh veggies. We saved the chips for later. You can't beat Suckway. If there was one near work, I'd go there every day for a deli size.

We just got a Whole Foods last week. I'll go over there soon enough, but traffic is already bad in the part of town it opened up in, so while the sandwiches may be better, I'd have to put up with a lot of inconvenience headaches to get at them.

FROM: nikki
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 6:04:37 pm
well im a subway eater but only one sandwhich....nothing else from there by choice...a turkey sandwhich on the herb bread with lettus matoes pickles and the southwest chipotle more added and dont forget anything.....Quiznos take a hike and the rest of subway can go to........oh yeah baby...did i mention its dinner time

John December 24, 2006, 9:34 pm

Just went to Quizno’s today and had a sandwich they called a “Smoked Turkey” and I can tell all of you that I will never go back to Sub-Way again. The sandwich w/ soda + chips cost me $6 and change and well worth it. Sub-Way can’t touch the masterpiece I tried today. Everyone should at least try it once. I’ll be going back for more soon!


Willie January 16, 2007, 12:48 am

The Queznos on Waterloo Rd. in Stockton, CA has to be one of the worst I have ever been to. So skimpy!!!

mel January 16, 2007, 3:53 pm

“I hate to think about all of our kids and the elderly that Quiznos is taking advantage of all over the country”

That cracks me up. Our poor elderly being railroaded through a Quiznos line, tricked into buying sandwiches and salads that they don’t want, and swindled out of 11 bucks. I mean, that’s right up there with the Nigerian princess email scam and life insurance salesman. Certainly not something that a lifetime of experience as a consumer could prevent. 11 bucks. Sigh… How’s grandma going to pay the mortagage now!?!

Cherokee January 27, 2007, 9:37 pm

FYI for you vegans, Quiznos white and wheat bread has no “off limits” ingredients.

Some of you need to come out of the dark ages. Quiznos now has double meat sandwichs which means 5 oz on a small, 8 oz on a regular and 12 oz on a large. If you’re not getting that watch them weight the meat. EVERY sandwich I get there is over-stuffed. Sure they use processed meat – do you think Boar’s Head is NOT processed – think again. Just look at it and you can see.

I go to Quiznos several times a week, the men u is varied and it’s all good. Great deal for the money. Can’t remember last time I went to McDonald’s or Sonic for less than $7 or $8. I must admit though, the experience and amount of food can depend on the Quiznos you go to. Most of them seem to give you what you pay for, but once in a while there’s a less desireable one out there.

kelly March 20, 2007, 8:24 am

FYI for you vegans, Quiznos white and wheat bread has no “off limits” ingredients.

well this is good to know! (my post it 2 months late for yours, and about 2-4 years late for the rest..why am I posting here hhaaaaa) but I was wondering if the guacamole has gelatin in it?

Nealio April 4, 2008, 2:33 pm

I ate at Quizno’s for the very first time yesterday…had their Prime Rib Ranchero, regular size. An hour later I felt strange–nauseated, a little too warm, and extremely bloated.

I get a very similar reaction to McDogdoo’s breakfasts, and no longer eat there.

Does anyone else get these symptoms???

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