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August 10th, 2003

Bush Figure

Clearly, no child will be left behind when you get him or her the George Bush Elite Force Aviator Action Figure. I understand he says 10 different sayings, including, “No pretzels, please!” and “Uh, um, uh, next question!” Fun for all.

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FROM: Doren
DATE: Sunday August 10, 2003 -- 2:13:33 pm
Competence, Truth, and Credibility sold separately.........

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday August 10, 2003 -- 2:35:30 pm
Here we go again...

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday August 10, 2003 -- 4:36:27 pm
When somebody else pulls his strings, he spouts absolute nonsense!

FROM: Andy
DATE: Monday August 11, 2003 -- 5:21:54 am
Comes complete with a miniature Tony Blair figure. Apparently in order to play with him you have to first bend George over and remove him....

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday August 17, 2003 -- 10:03:28 am
Apparently, some aren't finding it too fun...

FROM: Vovenheimerpeoplers
DATE: Saturday June 25, 2005 -- 4:07:01 pm
where to begin?!?!?!
Bush is an ignorant ass!!! whoever voted him 4 president must be a fuzzing flibertigibet!!!!(i know i spelled that wrong but o well) I say we all pitch in and for bush's bday buy him a 5 year supply of pretzels

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