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August 11th, 2003

Recurring dream topics

I’ve noticed that when I dream, a lot of topics or situations come up again and again. For instance, I used to have a lot of dreams that involved very, very tall toilets. During college and even now I frequently have anxiety dreams where it’s the last day of the semester and I have to take a final for a class I’ve forgotten to go to all year. This year I’ve had an increasing amount of dreams where I’m back in high school, taking classes again (even though, even in my dream, I’ve already finished college and gotten a degree). One of the recent incarnations of my high school dream had me taking classes with grown-up versions of kids I went to elementary school with.

All my life I’ve also had relatively frequent dreams where dead pets or relatives are again alive (“he/she wasn’t really dead after all!”). A couple of weeks ago I dreamt about the family dog that passed away in 1997. Last night I dreamt that I was able to relive a day of my life and the one I was re-living was one where I had dinner with my grandfather and the rest of my family. Really, these types of dreams are kind of comforting.

Are there any topics that repeat themselves in your own dreams?

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 11, 2003 -- 9:08:22 am
The only one that ever recurs to me is the one you mentioned where I have to take a final for a class I haven't gone to all year. Mine often has variations to it. Like instead of it being the end of the year, I live through weeks of the year and each week, I look at my schedule and realize that I somehow managed to not go to this class again. It's often the same class, I think, though I can never remember what class it is when I wake up.

Anxiety attacks are fun!

FROM: SaveMeMaury
DATE: Monday August 11, 2003 -- 9:49:30 am
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FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday August 11, 2003 -- 10:45:42 am
I've had the same kind of school one where you haven't gone to class all semester and suddenly have a test... but usually my recurring dreams will share location, not so often the topic. Most recently I've been dreaming about walking around a big park with a lake and lots of bikepaths.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday August 11, 2003 -- 10:11:23 pm
I often dream that I am going back to college, even though it's present-day. I am very rational in these dreams! Two nights ago I dreamt I was going back to school, and as my dad loaded up a mini-van, I suddenly realized they had never sent a tuition bill so I was frantically trying to contact PSU to see if they had registered me for a 6th (I know...) year. In my dream, I knew the actual phone number for on-campus information and I was trying to see if they had a listing for ME. Suddenly I was in my old dorm, looking at the directory in the lobby, and they had me in a QUAD!

In reality, I would love a time machine so I could go back to college and change my density, I mean my destiny. If I knew then what I know now....

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 1:01:13 pm
Yeah. There are quite a few things I'd change about my college days. Maybe then it wouldn't have been such a miserable miserable experience.

FROM: sam
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 10:18:10 pm
i dream about pork products all too often, nothing bad is going on and c0me to think of it nothing is going on. alol it is is either some ribs or a pork chop suspended and rotating for what seems like hours...

FROM: Kate
DATE: Tuesday August 12, 2003 -- 10:59:10 pm
Sometimes I have dreams where I am in one of my favorite TV shows. Those are ok.

The worst dream that I get all the time is where I'm getting married. Most people that have this dream enjoy it, but all I can think about the whole time is that everybody's staring at me, and I have to wear a dress. Augh.

FROM: margaret
DATE: Friday August 29, 2003 -- 2:58:05 pm
So what does this mean? I have recurring dreams about going back to college, too. In the dreams, I'm going back even though I've already graduated, and it seems an odd thing to do, but I do it, and I'm always one step behind of everyone else (not to mention a lot older). I certainly don't want to go back to college, and I am perfectly happy with what I'm doing now! Why am I dreaming this?

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday August 29, 2003 -- 10:05:55 pm
Margaret, think about how carefree we all were in college! Sure we thought we were stressed, but it sure was a whole lot more fun than the "real world." I had the dorm dream again last night! I was looking for my sophomore dorm room, and went to knock on my friend Darlene's door. (Her name was on the door thanks to the tags that the RA had made of course!) There were other people in my room; I could hear them but did not go in.

In the dream, it's always "today", not 1980-something.

Rob, I am sorry your experience was miserable. I had such a good time, I cleverly stretched it into 5 years and I still don't work in my field! I would have made sure you had fun if you had been at my U.

We're #24!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Rhonda
DATE: Monday September 8, 2003 -- 6:53:19 pm
Recently I have been getting daytime flashbacks with a dream-like familarity. I can not grasp the thought, it escapes me before I can recall it, but I am left with an extraordinary feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach and races through me leaving me quite disturbed. It's like remembering a dream and I feel like I've been having the dream for months but only in the last week I've been getting these really strong associations that blow me away during the day. I'm bothered by it, the feeling of wanting to remember something niggles at me all day now.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday September 9, 2003 -- 9:50:41 am
jk - If you'd tried to make me have fun in college, I probably would've hid from you. I was incredibly shy and anti-social then. Not that I'm TOO much better now, but still... Thanks for the thought, though. Fun would've been good. More people who weren't drunk 24/7 would've been good, too.

FROM: david
DATE: Saturday November 29, 2003 -- 7:25:16 pm
I've had a slight variation of the college dream--I dream it's the middle of the semester, and I suddenly realize I haven't been going to one of the classes I've registered for. I also sometimes have the common "walking around high school in my underwear" dream too. Have had dreams about my late dog too (sniff). That's all for now!

FROM: Caroline
DATE: Thursday December 4, 2003 -- 1:35:12 pm
I have had many dreams with tall toilets. I am currently in my second year of college, but I have been having these dreams since my senior year of high school. The bathrooms are usually very large, with many stalls, and it's difficult to get on the toilet. Then somehow, my struggle to get on it, becomes visible to everyone - like if I were in a restaurant, the walls disappear. I still have no idea what these dreams mean.

FROM: Sara
DATE: Friday June 16, 2006 -- 9:24:50 am
i have been having dreams about my dog that died over a year ago. they are very uncomforting aswel. last week i had one where a family member said to me 'but i thought he was dead' and i said 'well it looks as if he never did get put down'. in this dream i was in denyal that my dog was dead at all, i also new that i was dreaming but i didnt want to admit it. this was fustrating. does anyone know why i was dreaming this?

Upset and Wondering February 10, 2007, 2:51 am

I’ve been having the same dream about my dead cat.I was standing in my sister’s room (before we had moved away from that house) and i looked at her bed for some odd reason and then turned away only to look again to see my dead cat standing there.I walked over to him and i was able to touch him, hear him and everything.Then i woke up because my new 7 month old cat had i guess saw my upset face and tears and woke me up, when i woke up i was crying and in my hand i had fur. I turned on the light and looked at it and then went and checked if it belonged to any of my pats and it didn’t, in fact it was the exact colour of my old cat’s fur. doea anyone know what this could mean?

Travis February 11, 2007, 7:48 am

The only dream I’ve had multiple times is one in which I’m in a library or bookstore with tall bookshelves filled with very colorful books… then they start to fall and I get buried in this pile of color.

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