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August 14th, 2003


So, I’ve been told over the years by more than one person (three or so) that I should take up golfing – because I’d enjoy it.

I’m not sure. It looks kind of neat, but watching golf on TV is pretty boring to my eyes. Then again, a lot of sports aren’t as interesting to watch as they are to play (hello, bowling!)

But here’s what I think I would like about golf: it’s in a pretty setting most of the time. Golf courses aren’t too bad to look at, and I enjoy nature walks. I’m pretty terrible at hitting a golf ball – I’ve tried – so if someone would combine bowling and golf, I’d be all right.

I’ve always thought of golf as one of those games that doesn’t appeal to a wide cross-section of people – just golf fans and golfers. Much like, uhm, bowling. So maybe there’s more to my potential liking of golf than I’m willing to let on….

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 8:50:41 am
Disc golf is the game for you. I don't have the time or the money to ever good good at the game. Disc golf, however, is usually free to play,and you only need $10-$20 in discs to get started.

FROM: Old Fezziwig [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 9:08:56 am
I took up golf mostly to be outside in a nicely landscaped and mostly serene environment. Golf is not easy and it's the challenge of getting better that drives most people to keep at it. It can be frustrating but when you finally break through to being good, it's a great feeling. So I've heard.

FROM: Andy
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 9:26:18 am
People I work with are always trying to rope me into playing Golf with them. I did give it a try and found it quite fun (no matter how dire I was) I just don't understand however how people get so excited over it. When they start to discuss it, they get real worked up and giddy. Like you said though, it incredibly boring to watch never mind talk about.

It's worth giving it a try even if it is just once, but bowling rocks far more.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 10:01:15 am
I'm not that great at golf, but I am learning to like it. I picked up a cheap set of clubs at a yard sale, and now play around at the local par 3 "Chip and putt" style course. These courses are fine for the beginner and those who just play every now and then.

I play every now and then on a real golf course, and hold my own, and I do enjoy it. Still, I'd much rather go bowling, do Putt Putt, or like Chris said, play a round of disc golf. Brandywine State Park in Delaware has a fantastic disc golf course that I need to get out to more often, once the weather calms down a bit more..

Still, if you're thinking about golfing, give it a try. It is a lot of fun, and a decent workout too, if you walk it..

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 10:36:32 am
Paul - if you do want to take up the game though - I've got a set of Ping Irons and Big Bertha metal woods - about $2000 retail, that I'll let you have for the low low Daily Ping speicial price of $500.

ANd no - I did not spend that kind of money on golf clubs. I won them in a sales contest at work - they have maybe 3 or 4 rounds on them.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 10:37:09 am
I have a huge beef with golf and here's why:

1) Golf courses are the biggest waste of water usage in the United States
2) There are always new golf courses popping up where there was forest land
3) Golf courses use an insane amount of fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns and plants
4) Golf is a damn expensive hobby
5) Most regular golfers are kinda lame
6) People who avidly golf only like to talk about golf

I'd rather play putt putt anyday. I used to play golf from late elementary school through 9th grade and decided I would rather spend my athletic time playing basketball. A sport that is relatively cheap and court access is usually available. And don't get me started about working at a golf course!

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 10:55:52 am
Golf and bowling, the two sports that allows someone to compete against him/herself. It's a true measure of how good one can be at a sport.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 11:01:35 am
Golf is boring! And I agree with Matt. They are a waste of good water, trees, and one's time. A guy that would rather spend his valuable time at a golf course instead of building a relationship and doing activities with his wife and children is boring as well. I have seen wives and children angryly comment " that dad would rather be at the golf course than with me". And yes golf is very expensive especially when starting out. Who is kidding who?
I do enjoy a round of putt putt and am getting pretty good at it. It has become a family affair. Regular golf is rarely a family affair. Yea, it could be, but in reality....... When have you seen the family out there together on Sunday morning playing golf?
And yes I am grouchy today.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 11:28:47 am
I've played golf once. I just didn't like it. I found it to be too stressful and frustrating to be enjoyable. I probably should give it more of a chance (my dad wishes I would), but I don't foresee that happening.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 12:02:03 pm
Ryan --

Golf is quite a stressful sport, no doubt about it, especially when you play for the first time.

When I was younger, the local driving range offered free golf lessons for children, so I took them up, and enjoyed that. My dad put a lot of pressure on me to play when I was younger, and as I result, I really lost interest. I guess he saw me as a white Tiger Woods or something. ;p (Trust me, I'm nowhere near that)

It was only in the last few years that I really learned to relax and enjoy shanking golf balls into the woods. My advice is to head over to a driving range or small golf course and relax. Some of these places offer free lessons on certain nights, and it's worth checking into, even if it's something you just want to pick up for occasional fun.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 12:05:02 pm
I really do like mini-golf, though. That's a game I enjoy.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 12:16:46 pm

My dad is the one that tought me to play golf and we have spent many days together on the golf course. I'm sure you didn't imply all dads forget about their wives and children when golfing but I wanted to show that it is something that father/son father/daughter or whatever can bond with.
Plus, how can anyone waste a tree. Any tree is a good tree.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 12:47:37 pm
I hereby nominate Jim Furyk for Governor of CA!!!

FROM: Johnny
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 12:53:38 pm
Go golfing! I don't golf much, but it's something that's worth trying once or twice. Here's some tips for your first time out:

• Go to a public course. Nothing will spoil golf faster than snobby clubhouse jerks. Also public courses are way cheaper.

• Go on off hours. Later in the day is usually more empty. It's very frustrating when there is somebody in front of you and behind you. Also once you're playing, feel free to skip around holes randomly as long as you don't cut into somebody's game. There's no "golf course police"

• Get cheap clubs that fit you. You don't need expensive clubs if you're a beginner, and you'll regret spending the money, and then you won't have fun. But make sure the clubs don't feel too tall or short.

• Be yourself on the course. Especially on public courses, all walks of life play golf. And most of them are just as inexperienced as you.

• Get a cart. Don't walk it. It's nice to take nature walks, but it can ruin the game if you're spening 95% of your time walking around hunting for your ball. And if you've never been, that's what you'll be doing.

• Take plently of golf balls. I used to lose one on each hole when I started. I have poor eye sight though.

Rock on

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 1:00:09 pm
Dave -- Oddly, I enjoy going to the driving range just to take some swings for distance. I found it was a whole 'nother story actually on a course, though, where accuracy matters.

FROM: dave
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 5:27:16 pm
I used to feel the same as Matt on golf courses and the landscape - a waste of space, use too much water, etc. But then, I saw what they did to the course on Route 3 in Fredericksburg. Tore it up, and replaced it with a huge retail development that is an even bigger space waster - instead of a relatively compact mall they spread stuff out and most of what was once green and lush is now a parking lot.

I fear that someday the only green space we have left in our cities will be golf courses.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 5:47:07 pm
Driving ranges and mini-golf are fun. I lose interest when the game becomes more involved.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday August 14, 2003 -- 10:10:46 pm
there was a nice big farm out in Oregon, WI, a couple miles from where Nick grew up. They let that farm go to waste--because they'd get more money if they sold it/made it into a golf course. What a waste of good farmland.
The other thing that got me irked at golf courses is the crap they put in the water to keep it "clean" (w/o algae).
I'd rather give my money to enter state parks and my time to hike there. Even though I'm with Matt and the towinlovinit dude, I think if you should give it a try, Paul (I just hope you don't like it, no offense!!)

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Friday August 15, 2003 -- 12:27:33 am
Greg and Monica:

I know that there are dad's out there that are really great and spend time with their kids. But when was the last time you walked the streets looking at the homeless out there without their dad's (that's another story, don't let me get loose with this, better stop now before I really go off) .................We in Oregon have the most unemployed anywhere and it makes me weep when money is spent on golf courses. I would rather spend my money on Silver Falls, Oregon than on a golf course. The beauty is far greater and more enjoyable. An Monica, I'm not a dude but that's ok. It's nice to see someone agree with me on something. Must be this hot weather, my fan doesn't work and I'm just grouchy. Is it cold back east?

Brandi May 12, 2011, 9:57 am

The only time my BF wears nice slacks and a dress shirt, is when he’s golfing at a country club.
And I find myself praying for terrible weather on the weekends, just so I know that I “might” have a shot at him “wanting” to spend the day doing something with me(the one who washes his clothes, runs errands for him, helps him at his job w/o pay, cooks & cleans for him, etc, etc), as opposed to the endless phone calls that he wound make in a very short period of time, desperately seeking companionship for 4 or 5 hours with a guy who he doesn’t even know the last name of, and ironically is never the one he would ever call on if he were to run out of gas on the side of the freeway, and needed someone to run to his rescue(yes…me again).
Oh yeah…he loves me more than words can ever say.(But only on days that it rains)

Paul May 12, 2011, 10:24 am

That is really, really sad. I blame golf.

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