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August 27th, 2003

Interview Hitler!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man oh man, I’d love to interview Adolf Hitler”? Thanks to the wonders of the web, now you can (IE required)!

All things considered, it’s actually a pretty cool application that could work well for students that want to learn about a historical figure in a simulated first-hand way. I was impressed with how the script handled questions. For instance, it answered my first batch of questions with appropriate (and, as far as I know, accurate) responses: “Were you vegetarian?”, “Is it true you only had one testicle?”, and “How old were you when you died?” He even had a comeback when I said, simply, “Your hair isn’t blonde and your eyes aren’t blue.”

Some controversy surrounds the site’s very existence, but really, it’s an impressive little feat and worth checking out for its technical merit alone.

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FROM: i hear NOTHING....
DATE: Wednesday August 27, 2003 -- 2:11:18 am
Q: how good of an art student do you consider yourself to be?

A:I was popular in Germany in the short term because I charismatically restored the people's pride: I regained land lost at Versailles and provided the people with 'Freiheit, Arbeit, Brot'; in the long term, my popularity declined as my racist, aggressive policies took the country into a bitter world war and utter destruction. Had I never been elected I would probably have died a complete unknown or, as Bullock says 'a drunk in a bar'.

Q: If you were alive today, would you run for governor of california?

A: Only one of my siblings survived childhood, Paula (1896-1960). Four siblings died in childhood: Gustav (1885-1887), Ida (1886-1888), Otto (1887), Edmund (1894-1900). They had descendants, but they hate the Hitler name and lie very low.

Q: how close were the german scientists to developing the atom bomb?

A: I'm not too bad considering I have been dead since 1945. Thanks for asking!

Q: Ginger or Mary Ann?

A: Anne Frank was a jewish girl who lived in Holland. During the Nazi occupation she hid with her family in an attic to avoid the SS, but we eventually caught her and she died in Belsen concentration camp. I think she deserved to die because I detest jews. You may find that offensive, but I couldn't care less.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday August 27, 2003 -- 9:15:48 am
Not so hot on those responses, eh?

FROM: Jennie
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 11:02:38 am
You don't have blonde hair or blue eyes yet you wanted to keep only those who did alive. So do you consider yourself perfect even if you don't have those futures?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 12:18:18 pm
His response:

"The 'Master Race' is the Aryan race - blonde haired, blue eyed. This race must triumph over all others, according to Social Darwinism; and I aimed to create a strong 'volk' of such people. That to me is the justification for my racism. Biologically, I don't claim to be a perfect example of the Aryan race - but I am keen to create this 'Master Race' of blonde haired, blue-eyed gods for the good of the German Reich! My wife, at least, fitted the picture!"

FROM: RJ Tarr [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 28, 2003 -- 11:39:27 am
I'm the author of the site and I appreciate your review - I know Adolf doesn't always respond 100% accurately but he's getting there - and there is a drop down menu facility too!

FROM: ghjcghn [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 2, 2004 -- 9:27:35 am

DATE: Wednesday March 10, 2004 -- 12:03:48 pm
you guy's are smart and that you know lots of stuff

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 10, 2004 -- 3:14:10 pm
Apparently they aren't teaching grammar or spelling at St. Anthony's School in Plano, TX.

FROM: Daryl
DATE: Saturday March 13, 2004 -- 2:26:35 am
"How did you breed people with blonde hair and blue eyes?"

"The 'Master Race' is the Aryan race - blonde haired, blue eyed. This race must triumph...Social Darwinism...'volk'...German Reich!... fitted the picture!"

Umm, yeah, that's exactly what you said to that Ryan guy.
At first I thought this thing would be a *good* AI linked to a proper database of Hitler's ideas. Then I read these comments and thought oh, guess it just needs more words in its dictionary (so it can understand the questions better) but it's now obviously not much. Just looks for 3 keywords probably. A big let down.

FROM: Fred
DATE: Friday October 8, 2004 -- 12:12:43 am
So are u gay
tell me the truth if you dont mind

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday October 8, 2004 -- 1:49:01 pm
Q: Should I buy a BMW or a Volkswagen?

A: The 'Volkswagen' or 'People's Car' was designed by Ferdinand Porsche as a cheap means of transport that ordinary people could buy. I collected the money from the people, but didn't get round to delivering them! I spent the money on arms instead!

Q: What's your favorite joke?

A: Whilst my hair is black, my eyes are brown - so knowing how self-obsessed I am, that is probably my favourite colour. Yes, I know they're supposed to be blue...I had bad eyesight and took cocaine eye drops to alleviate the discomfort. I refused to wear glasses, however, as I regarded this as a sign of weakness.

Critique: Black or blue is the favorite color apparently. Hmmmm.

Q. Would you have voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger for President?

I became President of Germany following the death of Hindenburg on 2nd August 1934. I immediately followed this by insisting that the army take an oath of personal loyalty to me. The Nazi revolution was now complete!

Critque: He's avoiding answering. I can tell.

FROM: Amsay
DATE: Tuesday October 26, 2004 -- 12:00:12 am

FROM: bev
DATE: Thursday November 25, 2004 -- 2:15:35 pm
i think these answers have been taken from, where you interview hitler.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 29, 2004 -- 11:09:12 am
Boy, you're a freaking genius!

Did you actually READ this Ping?

FROM: Keith Lyons
DATE: Wednesday February 2, 2005 -- 1:23:21 am
What is your policy on the Middle East,Do you think your mate Erwin
did enough in Libya to help win the war?

FROM: david
DATE: Tuesday May 24, 2005 -- 9:39:35 am
im david

FROM: --
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 8:04:26 pm
"I think she deserved to die because I detest jews. You may find that offensive, but I couldn't care less."

what is wrong with you people?

FROM: --
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 8:04:27 pm
"I think she deserved to die because I detest jews. You may find that offensive, but I couldn't care less."

what is wrong with you people?

FROM: Anonymous
DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 12:34:36 am
I have to do an assignment on Hitler, and I came to this website for information.
I like the idea of interviewing him,and you should keep that, but I also think you should add some information on Hitler.
More people would come to your website that way.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 9:57:18 am
Perhaps a paper on how to use the internet would be better?

DATE: Monday June 13, 2005 -- 4:20:59 pm
hahaha you guys are mean!!

FROM: carol
DATE: Friday September 9, 2005 -- 1:12:45 pm
i want to interview hitler but i am inable to this is unbelive able u cant even get what u ask 4 on the iternet

FROM: carol
DATE: Friday September 9, 2005 -- 1:16:51 pm
this site does nothing that i have ask it to do it is horrible i ask it for a interview with hitler and this is what i get i do not want this i wanted a interview not to c what hitler sais in a iterview but 4 me to ask him questions i know he is dead yes but there is a site where u yourself can inerview hitler so if anyone knows of this site can u write it down and i will check it thank you

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 9, 2005 -- 1:27:32 pm
That's the worst sentence ever, right there.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday September 9, 2005 -- 1:31:08 pm
Carol -- Hitler liked punctuation and cohesive sentences.

FROM: llllllllllllllllll [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday September 26, 2005 -- 10:28:44 am

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday November 29, 2005 -- 4:43:31 am
I am a Neo-nazi and all hail hitler!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday November 29, 2005 -- 4:44:21 am
hello hitler my grandfather was in the waffen ss

FROM: anomounous
DATE: Monday December 12, 2005 -- 1:32:34 am
hitlers a cunt

FROM: jake
DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 9:49:16 pm
How do you say " All hail Hitler", in german?

FROM: gug
DATE: Saturday February 4, 2006 -- 5:15:52 am
guess thats why hitler claimed he was pure aryan when he married his wife

FROM: Willy willy bum bum
DATE: Tuesday July 11, 2006 -- 8:24:45 pm
Nazis suck and all, but you have to admit, Schwastikas(I doubt that that's how it's spelled) look cool. Sieg hiel!

cant say February 20, 2007, 12:04 am

this site is just plain n simple STUPID

Lauren February 20, 2007, 1:13 pm

Tell me about your foreign policy and why you chose to govern your people in htis manner.

Tateanna March 19, 2007, 2:41 pm

How did you feel about african american people? And why didn’t you like jewish people?

Ralph March 20, 2007, 10:31 am

This item about interviewing Hitler reminded me of a story line on ‘Family Guy’ in which Brian was dating this beautiful but stereotypically dumb blonde.

She said (more or less) “I was watching this show on TV about Hitler. He’s awful. Someone should stop him!”

The clip is somewhere on YouTube in a compilation of Stewie clips.

Hitler was a political genius. Thankfully he was not as good a military leader. He would have been better off letting his Prussian generals make the decisions for him.

Billy March 27, 2007, 7:35 pm

HITLER HAD BLUE EYES, extremely light blue. Take out the misinformation and this might actually be a very educational tool.

just sum guy November 21, 2007, 8:11 am

hi seig heil-heil hitler-sup adolf i just wanted to know if anyone could plz tell me where i can interiew hitler (i know hes been dead for years) but the computer animated one plzzzzzz !!!URGENT!!! thank u for your cooperation

Katia- lee Kaster July 14, 2008, 2:37 pm

Hitler was a blood thirsty tyrant, what he did was wrong and destroyed many peoples lives I mean come on, imagine your whole family being killed just because of your religeon.

You should try reading his book “Mein Kampf” he blatantly states things that he thinks are facts, but he made up!


Danielle December 7, 2010, 4:22 am

I was attempting to help my friend with an assignment to “interview hitler” I thank you all very much, you’ve made me laugh. Good day.

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