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August 29th, 2003

‘Puter ‘Plainin’ (Oh ‘com’ on, now)

A year ago I ordered a PC from a company. I’m happy with the PC… it was a decent price but used high-quality parts. The company was helpful and when they took an extra day to put my computer together, they upgraded me to overnight shipping for free. I was very happy with the experience.

So, I did what any happy customer would do: I ordered from them again when it came time to buy another PC. This time, though, it was a different story. After I placed my order, I was informed that I’d receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours. Four days went by and I hadn’t heard a single thing. So I e-mailed them. Three days later, no response, so I e-mailed them. Two days later, still no response, so I called them: a busy signal for two more days. So, here it is, almost two weeks after my original order and not only have I not gotten a confirmation, but they’ve ignored two e-mails I’ve sent and their phone line’s been eternally busy.


I don’t want to go out and just order another PC from somewhere else, because I could end up with two new computers on my doorstep. On the other hand, it seems like it’s going to be impossible just to get this order cancelled. What a hassle.

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