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August 31st, 2003

Hair Cuttin’

Simple question: where do you get your hair cut?

Do you do it at home (Flowbee!)? Go to a barber shop? Go to a “HairCuttery”-type place? Or do you go to a fancy schmancy salon and paymore than you’d pay for a night on the town?

For a long time, my Aunt (who was a stylist) would cut my hair, butwhen I moved out of state, that wasn’t exactly convenient. Now I go toa barber shop near my house. It’s not overly expensive and it’salways fast: I walk in without an appointment, am seated right away,and they always do a good job on my 1930’s style haircut. I’ve beento Hair Cuttery-type places and they’re generally fine, but you knowme… the whole “local business over chains” thing…

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FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 2:41:12 am
For me it's the "Perfect Look" salon for $14.00 for shampoo and cut. That works for me, for my boys, I do it. They have very curly hair so its just zip, zip, zip and its short again for awhile. For the girls, just a trim, but if its for more than that, its the salon for them. If it would be a perm, well I don't know of any right away. They are tooooo expensive, $45- $100 depending on the length of hair.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 8:29:15 am
Since I have an uncomplicated haircut (ie, I shave my head - but not completely bald,) I do it myself. It's too easy for me not to do so. I think the last time I was at a barber shop was, gosh, almost two years ago - my hair clippers died. Exciting!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 8:45:05 am
When I was first starting out on my own, I had NO money for haircuts, so I did the ol' home cutting with the clippers. Did it myself, so naturally, the first few were pretty bad. However, I started to get really good at it..I kind of alternate now between getting it cut at the barber shop ($9 plus tip), or doing it myself.

Basically, I go out to get it cut if I have an important appointment or something, just to make sure I don't screw it up. ;p

FROM: Chris
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 8:58:05 am
I've been doing it myself for years. An electric razor and a #2 guard, takes me about 5 minutes once a month.

DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 12:49:47 pm
I was just divorced recently so I went out and found me a woman who used to cut hair for a living. Now I'm saving money and having great hair.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 1:15:33 pm
The woman who cuts my hair has done so since I was 3! Call me fiercely loyal. I did get my hair cut at college by a terrific woman named Cassandra; she did such a good job, people knew me on campus by my hair! After graduating, it became a little impractical to drive 160 miles for a haircut, and I eventually went back to the woman who has known me since I sat on the booster seat.

She only charges about $11 for a haircut, and you just can't beat that. I spent the better part of this year growing my hair long, and on Thursday I got fed up and had her cut it short again. She did a fine job, I am pleased to say. Long hair in hot weather = torture.

I will on occasion trim my own bangs, usually in an emergency situation.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 3:43:10 pm
I go to the Vidal Sasoon at Tysons II. I get a cut that would cost an arm and a leg for free, thanks to me being used as one of their house models.

FROM: zigfried
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 8:24:08 pm
i'll stick with the ol' Fantastic Sams... 14 bucks for a shampoo/cut. Super Cuts is one to avoid.

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 10:48:14 pm
Matt, good call on being a model! You can also get cheap, decent cuts at hair styling schools. I have a friend who had an excellent dye-job and cut at a hair show.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 11:34:14 pm
I actually cut my own hair had been a while, but the place I normally go to is closed for Labour Day, so I just pulled out the clippers, and away I went. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself...

I still prefer havnig someone else do it. I dunno why. Sometimes, it's reassuring to know that you aren't the one messing it up..although there are some freaky hair care folks out there...

Put it this way: If I look at the hair stylists haircut and get scared, there's no way they are touched my scalp.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday September 1, 2003 -- 12:26:38 pm
I go to a place right by my house.. Old Fashioned Barbor shop.. Guy has been there for years and years and son was and sometimes still does cut hair.. his daughter also cuts hair there now.. its like $11 with tip

FROM: matthew
DATE: Tuesday November 25, 2003 -- 11:50:24 am
HI I recently went to Fantasitic sam
for a haircut. I told the stylist that I
only wanted two inches cut off. she used the electric Clippers abd cut about 4- inches off of my Hiarcut, when I saw that amount of Hair fall on my lap. The Stylist new I was mad
please avoid Fantastic Sams at all cost not worth it in the long run

FROM: sam
DATE: Tuesday September 7, 2004 -- 9:38:22 pm
i cut off my long hair with clippers

FROM: crystal
DATE: Tuesday February 1, 2005 -- 8:59:05 pm
I had long hair down to my butt
and my mom clipped it all off one night when I was in bed.

FROM: Linda
DATE: Tuesday February 1, 2005 -- 10:33:25 pm
When I was in grade 3 my teacher
got mad at me and ran the clippers
right down the middle of my head
cutting off my hair which was below my butt.

FROM: dara
DATE: Monday February 7, 2005 -- 9:16:17 pm
linda is not the only one who had all of her hair snip off by a teacher. when I got in trouble in class one day I was sent to the office where one of the teachers clipped All of my long lockes off.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Monday February 6, 2006 -- 4:04:09 pm
Yup i've had school cuts too. When I entered school. Kids wish hair below there shoulders were clipped down to a short buzz. I had hair down to my waist they asked me to sit in a chair. I did. Then they ran clippers down my head! but then i liked short hair now i shave my head every month

FROM: Becca
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2006 -- 7:21:45 pm
I had hair to my waist. I wanted a change so I pinned it in a ponytail. and clipped it to my scalp. I just snipped it. Then buzzed it down

DATE: Wednesday May 10, 2006 -- 9:02:38 pm
had knee length hair. I went in for a trim today. I accidently said "just cut it" to the hair dresser and she cut it ALL off. :(

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday May 10, 2006 -- 10:36:02 pm
I sure hope it went to Locks for Love!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday July 15, 2006 -- 6:35:01 pm
Locks of love has only made 1000 wigs since 1997 and had taken in hundreds of thousands of ponytails.

FROM: Susan
DATE: Sunday August 13, 2006 -- 11:27:18 pm
Unfortunately it takes more than pony tails to make a locks of love prosthetic hairpiece it takes money and labor and 7 yes seven ponytails PER hairpiece.

Locks of Love works on donations of money and hair not just ponytails as people might think also at least half of the donated hair is completely unusable since people dont take care of thier hair they have to have a full ten inches of healthy usable hair. Most people with long hair have at least 3 inches of split ends.

Kristi April 30, 2007, 8:36 pm

I originally had it cut at a barber shop and I am letting it grow out from a buzz cut.

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