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August 31st, 2003

Hair Cuttin’

Simple question: where do you get your hair cut?

Do you do it at home (Flowbee!)? Go to a barber shop? Go to a “HairCuttery”-type place? Or do you go to a fancy schmancy salon and paymore than you’d pay for a night on the town?

For a long time, my Aunt (who was a stylist) would cut my hair, butwhen I moved out of state, that wasn’t exactly convenient. Now I go toa barber shop near my house. It’s not overly expensive and it’salways fast: I walk in without an appointment, am seated right away,and they always do a good job on my 1930’s style haircut. I’ve beento Hair Cuttery-type places and they’re generally fine, but you knowme… the whole “local business over chains” thing…

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Kristi April 30, 2007, 8:36 pm

I originally had it cut at a barber shop and I am letting it grow out from a buzz cut.

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