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September 6th, 2003

Cheaper CDs

So, Universal has announced that in order to keep people from downloading music, they’re dropping CD prices under $13. I think it’s a good move – but I have one big concern.

Will these CDs be copy-protected? If I’m paying less for it, that’s one thing; if I can’t make a copy of it for my own personal use, that’s another. I think that’ll discourage people from being excited about it – if they even notice copy protection.

The other one is that this announcement came just days after an announcement that downloads will eventually usurp CDs altogether. That’s something I’m also a little skeptical on; I think there’ll always be a market for the stuff that goes with the music.

That said, I haven’t bought a CD with my own money in well over a year; the last one I got was via a gift card. Lower prices are a start.

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