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October 8th, 2003

A Cub-Arnold World

It’s a strange, strange world, isn’t it?

Last night, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the California recall despite last-minute allegations that he groped 15 women, and the Cubs are playing for a league title.

Who’s going to crumble first?

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 9:58:28 am
Marlins in six. I hate to channel Ellwood Blus in a situation like this, but the Marlins are playing like they are on a mission from God.

Arnold has no chance. Every other important official in the state of CA is democratic, and they all want to see him fail badly so they can run against him for Governor in two years. If I lived in CA I'd be packing the Uhaul about now.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 9:59:35 am
Damn it- Elwood Blues. Bah - where is that automatic Ping spellchecking when you need it.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 12:15:12 pm
who's going to crumble? It better be the Yankees!!!

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 1:06:01 pm
As much as I'd love to see the Sox go to the Series, I just have this feeling the Yankees are going to destroy them. Though coming back from a 2 game deficit to take the division was miraculous. It'd just be so nifty if the Sox faced the Cubs.

FROM: Johnny D
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 5:29:57 pm
I'm with Rob, except with the destruction thang... The Sox got it right this time, and freakin Clemens was watching football while the D-Lowe crushed Oakland in the 9th. The Yankees are goin' down...
... and so's the Governator!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 5:53:12 pm
The whole US party system is majorly fucked up. So you are telling me that the democrats would rather see the governor fail than have the state be successful? makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe we should take those same democrats out to a field and put a bullet in their skulls.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 7:11:27 pm
As a Californian, today is a day of mourning. I can't f&%kin believe this. You will note, however, that the Bay Area is the ONLY part of CA that didn't have a majority vote for Arnold. Makes me wonder about the rest of the state.

But you know what...I couldn't care LESS about him groping women. I mean it's immoral and disgusting but that's not the reason why I think he won't be a good govenor.

Did any of these people watch the debates?! Now I see why his only debate was one in which he got the questions beforehand. His answers were *completely* stilted and rehearsed. And he refused to give an opinion on anything valid. How does Arnold feel about prop 54? Dunno...he didn't say. How does he plan make CA better for businesses? Raise taxes and give breaks to corps? Couldn't tell ya...he DIDN'T say! Hell, I'd sooner vote for McClintock, at least you know where he stands on the issues.

He has absolutely NO political experience. Being governor isn't like being a senator where you sit in DC all day. The governor affects the daily decisions of the state. This is not a job for a political lightweight. Or an actor who's ego makes him think he has the ability to govern a state w/ an economy that is 5th in the WORLD (not country ppl, WORLD).

Jeez... that's my rant.

PS I disagree w/ the idea that the Dems would rather see Arnold fail than do what's best for the state. I really don't think that's true. I don't think anyone is out to sabotage Arnold. But at the same time you can't MAKE ppl believe in him. Many ppl, myself included, don't think he'll make a good governor and for that reason he'll be faced w/ some adversity.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 7:34:14 pm
That state couldn't get any worse than it already is. And mentioning the Bay Area as anti-arnold does nothing for your cause. When was the last time that anyone looked to the Bay Area for sanity/morality?

FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 7:47:33 pm
That state couldn't get any worse than it already is.

Here's the thing: the media, etc. is always drawing attention to how bad CA is...economically for example. Arnold (and others) will say things referring to the hundreds of businesses that have left CA. His whole thing is how spiel is about how bad the economy.

The economy is bad everywhere Yeah, during "the boom" we had a new company every week. These companies didn't "leave" CA, they folded! The entire company is in a recession (or correction depending on how you look at it) and of couse, CA is no different. However since we were so influential in the spread of the dot.bomb revolution, the effects are magnified here. But it's hardly Davis' fault. At least not solely.

And your argument makes no sense anyway. The "he couldn't do any worse" mentality is foolish. He's not running for class president. This isn't an experiment where we give him a go and...see if he does alright. This is serious.

When was the last time that anyone looked to the Bay Area for sanity/morality?

I resent this comment. I resent it and more importantly, I'm surprised by it. I don't know how you can judge a state's sanity but where do you get off saying we're immoral? If this is a reference to the increased number of homosexuals in the Bay Area then I have nothing to say. I find that type of attitude completely ignorant and I won't even dignify it w/ a response.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 7:49:36 pm
His whole thing is how spiel is about how bad the economy.

Change that to: His main complaint is about how bad the economy is.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 8:51:00 pm
Matt: Did someone pee in your cereal this morning? You're awfully angry today!

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