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November 4th, 2003

Dressing? No Thanks!

I was reading this New York Times article on how fast food chains are attempting to serve “healthier” meals.

The term is in quotes in part because once you get down to it, a Wendy’s salad with dressing and all the trimmin’s is still 630 calories with 35 grams of fat.

But then I naturally thought, “Well, one could just do without dressing.” I further thought that there probably wasn’t ever a time in my life when I didn’t have some sort of dressing on my salad – save, perhaps, during a diet embarked upon in my youth. It got me wondering if people actively ate salad without dressing.

So, do you?

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FROM: george
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 11:04:36 pm
i admit that i always eat my salad with lots of bleu cheese dressing, some fries and a side order of chili.

but i make up for it by washing it all down with a super gulp of diet coke.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 11:33:04 pm
Well here's my problem: I like to take a salad to work, but have not found the perfect leak-proof container for my dressing. I make my own with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So I often take my salad to work and just eat it with madarin oranges on it. This really freaks out my co-worker Melissa.

I even dreamt about finding the perfect container, something the size of a salt shaker, just last week.

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday November 3, 2003 -- 11:33:42 pm
madarin oranges = really mad oranges.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 8:22:44 am
I've been known to eat salad with just lemon juice as a "dressing."

DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 9:35:45 am

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 10:21:56 am
Catalina or Rance for me. I eat so many salads that I have started to grow rabbit ears. My other, eats his salads without anything on them. Loves it that way. But for me, its got to be something on it.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 10:22:58 am
Thats ranch not rance. I must have missed a button on the keyboard.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 10:44:41 am
I've done it before, but I rarely eat salad without dressing. Probably because my salads can be sort of boring, since there are a lot of salad thingies I don't like.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 12:01:37 pm
Salad without dressing is finger food. Thus, I usually have dressing when eating it in public to avoid getting weird looks, but eat it without any at home.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 4:24:54 pm
There are plenty of Fat Free dressings out there for that ass. Oil and Vinegar is also a good choice for a lower fat dressing.

I personally like salads sometimes without dressings.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 5:09:35 pm
I usually have a dressing of some sort, usually a low-fat one. I used to only be able to eat the heavy, creamy dressings, but nowadays I prefer a simple vinaigrette (self-plug: I have an easy and really tasty recipe that I love) or sometimes, none at all.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 11:05:38 pm
Take vitamins and lay if you have to have dressing, make it something like olive or canola oil.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Monday November 10, 2003 -- 8:37:52 pm
You know, I have always been Salad Dressing Deficient. I have never really liked it, and not for any diet-related reasons.. I don't like condiments in general. Ketchup, yuck. Mustard, yuck. Horseradish, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, saurkraut, cream cheese, salad dressing, mayo, all yuck.

I put salt on a salad sometimes though.

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