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January 8th, 2004

When Fast Food Restaurants Collide

Last week, I saw the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. In Aurora, Colorado, we drove by a relatively new shopping plaza with – ready? – a KFC/ Taco Bell/ Pizza Hut. In one building.

At Yum! Brands, I’m sure that their execs are salivating over this one. Three restaurants in one building! Triple the choice! Amazing! And I’m sure they’re working on a way to add in their remaining two restaurants, so we can have a KFC/ Taco Bell/ Pizza Hut/ Long John Silver’s/ A&W. (Root beer with your nachos?)

However, the most bizarre thing is yet to be revealed. This restaurant offered combo meals. No. Combo meals. I could order a personal pan pizza with 2 tacos. I could get chicken strips with breadsticks. Or a chicken strip-based taco product with nachos. Madness, I tell you! Madness!

It’s a little scary when we have three restaurants in one place without a food court, isn’t it?

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Paul January 18, 2011, 1:26 pm

Unfortunately (?), Yum is selling off A&W and Long John Silver’s, thus killing the dream of having five restaurants in one.

This also explains why a few local A&W/KFC combinations switched over to just KFC. That, and A&W sucks.

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