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February 8th, 2004

Modern Cell Phones

Last week, I received a new cell phone for work. Thanks to number portability I don’t have to give up my number – and while that’s nice, I must say that I’m really in awe of the number of features in modern cell phones.

It can browse the web, as my previous black-and-white phone could (this one is color.) I can calculate tips on the fly. I can determine the current time in multiple locations around the world (it’s 2:34 in Abu Dhabi.) I can choose from over 20 ringtones. I have wallpaper. An animated greeting when I start the phone. An animated greeting when I shut it off. It has “Manner Mode,” and the expected “Silence All.” It lets me store and receive vCards. It lets me voice dial. I can change the color of the LCD on the outside, and fully change color schemes on the inside.

I can download games, ringtones, and wallpaper (all for an extra fee, sadly.) I can set up to four alarms on its built-in alarm clock. I can choose three different clock formats for the main screen. It has 2MB of memory built in – much more than my first three computers had, combined. It even has built-in GPS which is automatically activated if I ever dial 911 in the case of an emergency!

And, of course, it makes and receives phone calls (from people.)

All in all I’m really surprised at just how far cell phone technology has come. Now if only it could take pictures….

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