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March 19th, 2004

Get Wet

We all know people get their jollies from some pretty wacky things… and most of them wind up here at one point or another. But one of the more bizarre, yet seemingly innocent, obsessions I’ve seen has got to be swimming with your clothes on (or getting muddy with your clothes on, getting sprayed with water with your clothes on, etc.).

Sure practitioners are all about fun and they’re excited about an upcoming event in Thailand, but they also have a serious side: “It is very important to learn to swim well in clothes and early in life!” they say!

Things start to get creepy, though, on pages like the Parents Guide (read the part titled “Father catches his Son in the Shower” and tell me your skin doesn’t start to crawl).

The site is ridiculously detailed and goes deeper than I could ever imagine. If you’re sitting at your desk wishing you could be sitting in a bath with your clothes on, don’t worry: you’re not alone. And who woulda’ thunk it?

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday March 19, 2004 -- 11:07:59 am
That is the creepiest thing I have ever read.


FROM: Alex
DATE: Friday March 19, 2004 -- 11:32:14 am
Too Wild, Wet and Weird for me!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday March 19, 2004 -- 11:41:29 am
Every Belgian I've ever met was sort of creepily touchy feely. This article exposes the deeper creepiness of the Belgian home life. Yikes!

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday March 19, 2004 -- 3:48:13 pm
Wow. That's probably one of the creepiest articles I've ever read.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday March 19, 2004 -- 8:26:42 pm
This is a front for pedophiles, right?

FROM: Dutch Guy
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 2:51:31 pm
Belgium Sucks! I hate waffles!

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