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June 22nd, 2004


I’m not ashamed to admit that I like a good sandwich. That’s why I’m glad that sandwich shops have really grown over the past few years to the point that I have a few favorites where I can get a good, reliable sub – in addition to my own kitchen.

I was somewhat startled, though, to read that the average American eats 193 sandwiches a year. That works out to four a week! Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t pulled off a four-sandwich week since I was in high school. The 193 stat doesn’t include things such as hamburgers, which are really their own things.

I do know that lately I’ve been enjoying sandwiches more. They’re easy for me to assemble in the early, groggy mornings and there’s total control over how many meats and veggies I have (unlike the folks at the chains that weigh food.)

Do you still eat a lot of sandwiches? Four a week?

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 10:20:29 am
Thanks to the goodness that is Panera Bread, I eat sandwiches about 3 times a week, at least.

For me, an ol' fashioned PB&J suits me just fine for lunch.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 11:19:53 am
I'm betting that statistic includes school kids, who still traditionally take a sandwich every day.

We often have sandwiches for lunch--I have peanut butter today. I bet we do at least three a week, all homemade.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 11:21:38 am
I eat PB&J 3x a week (on average) for lunch.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 11:49:59 am
I eat at least five a week for lunch out of a combination of laziness and thriftiness. I usually eat a sandwich made of cheap wheat bread, two squirts of mustard, three slices of turkey lunchmeat--either bologna, cotto salami or smoked or roasted turkey, a "cheese" slice, and if I have lettuce and/or tomato, I'll toss that on too if I'm not too lazy that morning. If I eat any more than that at lunch time I will either fall asleep while typing at my desk or be miserably drowsy between 1 and 3 pm.

If my significant other weren't so demanding for hot meals in the evening, the number would go up to ten sandwiches a week.

Of course, some mornings I also throw a poached egg and cheese between an english muffin, so the number does go up to between 5 and 10 sandwiches per week.

Weekends, probably add another two from Subway or somewhere.

If sandwich cookies count, multiply by 10.

Panera's too expensive for me. I can't get out of there without spending $8 or $9, and that's without a drink. My throat parches just thinking about it. My five cheapo sandwiches cost less than $5 a week total.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 3:37:21 pm
With a full kitchen at my place of business, I don't have to make my lunch until I eat it. We just had a grocery run this morning and brought back rye bread, hard salami, and provolone cheese with some existing mustard. Damn good sandwich, try, it for yourself. Only one of about two a week for me.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 3:44:47 pm
I probably top that times two. I eat deli sandwiches for breakfast. Nothing like wholesome food to start the day out with. Lunch, tuna sandwich or something like that, dinner, a homemade meatball sandwich or sloppy joe. for supper, breakfast cereal or two slices of my favorite bread with jam dipped in milk. I like to keep light on the stomach at night. Hamburgers and hotdogs are ever plentiful. They are always available with all the trimmings from onion, tomatoes, mayo, katsup, relishes, lettuce, etc.
We set up the refrigator during the summer months with all the sandwich makings we can think up. Every Saturday, we chop, slice and restock for sandwich heaven for the week.
On Sat. night is the only hot meal of the week and that is cooked in a crock pot.
Am I lazy or what?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 4:22:27 pm
I'm a sandwich fan, for sure. I've been eating less recently than I used to, but there are some days where nothing but a sandwich will do the trick for lunch. My favorite is a veggie sandwich at a place across the street from my work... cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onion, and italian dressing piled onto a killer panini bread. It's not even on the menu (there are only meat panini sandwiches available), but as soon as I step to the counter, they see me and ask, "Veggie panini, no avocado?"

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 4:41:55 pm
I noticed that Greg pinged in on this topic at 3:37:21, towinlovinit at 3:44:47, and Ryan at 4:22:27. Yet, the Most Recent Comments list only shows the latest "Sandwiches" ping.


"Most Recent Comments [more]

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Tue Jun 22 2004 - 12:07:49 pm

FreeCache . . . "

What's the meaning of this?

I will assume that the only Sandwiches ping in the last few hours will change to read 4:41 or thereabouts, down to the second.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 4:43:06 pm

Tue Jun 22 2004 - 04:41:55 pm
Analog Atomic Clocks
Tue Jun 22 2004 - 01:28:08 pm

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 4:44:09 pm
What's the meaning of this?

I guess "Sandwiches" means "Ping Tech Support" in your language?

Anyway, the Most Recent Pings with Comments doohickey doesn't show a Ping more than once, as you surmised.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 4:45:15 pm
I noticed it on "sandwiches," that's all. Didn't mean to stray too far off topic. By the way, I had another turkey bologna sandwich today on cheap white bread with mustard, cheese slice and lettuce from the backyard garden. Pretty darned good.

I also realized that I eat another sandwich in quantity in the summer--ice cream sandwiches. Now the count is even higher!!

Ice cream sandwiches rock!!!

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 11:05:17 pm
I went for literally years without eating a PB&J sandwich, but just started to enjoy them again about a month ago. I was getting tired of my usual lunch at work, and in an effort to offset rising gas costs, I no longer leave the store while on break.

I am afraid of lunchmeat; I usually only buy enough for one sandwich. I just don't like how it gets slimy. I do however enjoy good tuna salad.

No one has mentioned the diner or central PA staple of hot sandwiches with gravy! I love a decent hot roast beef or turkey sandwich with gravy and fries or mashed potatoes. I order it on whole wheat so it's a little less like eating socks. (white bread = evil!)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 24, 2004 -- 10:36:07 am
Ice cream sandwiches do rock - especially Tofutti Cuties. I do eat dairy-based ice cream now, but Cuties are still by far my favorite ice cream sandwich.

jk: Hot sandwiches with gravy are kind of popular in Chicago too; get an Italian beef sandwich or "combo" dipped in juice. Oh man.

FROM: Gammylt [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 25, 2004 -- 4:27:04 pm
I consider myself a professional eater, having eaten 3 or more meals a day for almost 27 years now. My question is HOW do you eat your sandwiches, hamburgers included, but more specifically, PB&J? PB side up or jelly side up? See my homepage for more insight. There IS a right and wrong way to eat any given sandwich and the orientation affects the taste. Also, why are condiments on top?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2004 -- 1:30:57 am
Sandwiches are the shittiest and laziet meal out there. How do these fuciers justify charging $4-$7 for some shit on bread?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2004 -- 2:36:06 am
Matt -- I'm disappointed. I expected you to bring up Count Bass D!

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