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October 13th, 2004

The Boyfriend Pillow

It’s no Chillow but it does put a new variation on the “husband” pillow: the boyfriend pillow. These man pillows are shaped like the upper chest and left arm of a man, allowing a partner to sleep on the pillow’s shoulder area while also giving them that comforting arm. Best of all: the man pillow’s arm doesn’t go numb.

Pillow covers come in shirt shapes and the next product from the pillow’s inventor will be pillows for men shaped like a woman’s lap (complete with a skirt). Seriously.

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday October 13, 2004 -- 10:22:24 am
This pillow could be a great relief for boyfriends and husbands who know the stabbing arm and shoulder pain associated with an entire night of sleeping in an uncomfortable position known as snuggling. At last, a way out!

FROM: cate
DATE: Wednesday October 13, 2004 -- 11:07:50 am
okay, the boyfriend pillow is a little weird, but the lap-skirt pillow is downright creepy - What is a girl going to think if she walks into some guy's bedroom and sees a lap pillow?... Oh, wait, nevermind, guys who are buying these are the guys who live in their parents' basements and play dungeons and dragons every other Thursday...

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 2:46:08 pm
I actually see a lot more potential for sales with the lap-skirt pillow among pet owners. Imagine, enough lap to go around for all the cats. Again, I see this as relieving a burden. I mean, when I'm at home, all the cats and the dog want to be in the same lap. If you put a little heater in there set at body temperature, I may again see the day when I could have a plate of food in my lap instead of one, two or three cats.

Restful sleep and breakfast in front of the TV undisturbed by pets. I love these these things! I'll probably never buy either, though. I'd have to convince the wife to use the guy pillow and the cats and dog to use the lap pillow, which is probably not going to work.

FROM: Michael [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday November 18, 2004 -- 6:13:56 pm
Just goes to show you, some use common sense, real ambition and true values, to find a mate at somewhere like or the shop at!

FROM: patricia arquette
DATE: Tuesday December 28, 2004 -- 10:21:24 pm
this pillow thing is reely creepy. i meen reely, i ur that desperate 4 a guy, go to a bar meet one, bring home a guy 4 free, and throw out that stupid $100 one! wat r they going to cum up with next?! a pillow made to relieve animals in heat?!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday December 29, 2004 -- 10:35:39 am
a pillow made to relieve animals in heat?!

Sounds like a good idea to me. Especially from someone with as much of a spelling disorder as you have.

FROM: Patricia Arquette
DATE: Wednesday December 29, 2004 -- 12:29:28 pm
Well, I'm so sorry Ryan, is this better for you? And by the way, animals in heat need comforting, especially if there is no mate nearby. I think you might need one...

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