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October 12th, 2004

Navigation Systems

So call me old-fashioned, but until this past week I hadn’t been in a car with a navigation system. Oh sure, I’d heard of them and seen them on the television… but that was it. The downside is that now that I’ve experienced this setup, I think I want one.

(Don’t worry. They’re expensive.)

The great thing about a navigation system is that it takes driving one step closer to the way it “should” be. This particular system was a Magellan and worked flawlessly – type in an address, and away you go. Audible alerts when you need to turn. Warnings when you miss a turn or street. Multiple routes to choose… it was a thing of beauty. And I understand there are systems with built-in traffic, so they can even route you around traffic jams! Impressive stuff.

The next step of course is an automatic car, and then we’re on our way to being in the sky with George Jetson.

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