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October 14th, 2004

We Make Clouds

Every day, thousands of airplanes buzz over our heads – many of them leaving contrails behind them. But I think it’s very cool to get an overhead perspective on the whole thing. Two questions came to my mind when I looked at this picture. First, what would it be like without any planes? And second, why doesn’t anyone fly in extreme northern Georgia?

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 9:15:15 am
Extreme Northern GA is quite mountainous, maybe the mountains have some effect on the contrails not forming.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 9:45:04 am
Neat picture. Although, I think Paul is trying to spy on the residents of Valdosta.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 12:38:16 pm
extreme northern Georgia might've just had really dry air aloft, and the contrails didn't stick around for long before evaporating.
People have looked at what it's like without any planes in the air--after 9/11/01 when all the planes were grounded, to see if the surface temperature changed, for instance. (link)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 5:22:07 pm
Take away the state border outlines and I'd swear this is a picture of a dirty chalkboard.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday October 14, 2004 -- 8:44:23 pm
Very cool photo--I sent it to my brother the Weather Guy.

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