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January 25th, 2005

Acting on a Dream

Occasionally, I’ll have a dream that inspires me to act.

Usually, these dreams are about people that I haven’t seen in a number of years. Sometimes it’s a high school friend, but it’s also been random people from my elementary school years that I haven’t thought about since. The next day, I’ll either drop that person an e-mail or try to hunt them down online. I figure that if my subconscious mind is reminding me of the person, it serves as a good reminder to keep in touch.

Rarely are my dreams inspiring me to act on something that I forgot to do, but it does happen on rare occasions.

Have you ever dreamt of someone and the next morning gotten up and Googled them?

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FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 9:37:53 am
Ryan, did you dream about recycling last night? ;-)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 10:33:54 am
Holy crap.

You caught me. I can't believe I wrote something so similar so recently and totally forgot it. The same damn title, even!

*sigh* Even Pingmasters aren't perfect.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 10:34:58 am
Even stranger, just this past weekend I woke up at 4am and got things off of the porch because of the heavy winds. Weird.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 12:23:28 pm
I must admit I feel a slight bit better knowing that the "repeat Ping score" is down to 2-1. :)

DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 4:08:03 pm
Lol, maybe the one in november was a actually a dream and only now r u actually acting on it. none of my dreams ever make enough sense to do in real life. except last night my dream was me talking to this kid and in the dream we had all of our classes together, that was normal. and i think u should make a "dreams" quicksearch tab in the archives.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 6:29:42 pm
i think u should make a "dreams" quicksearch tab in the archives

This is scary, but I was just thinking about doing this this morning.

Ken and I are on the same wavelength. The apocalypse must be upon us.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 6:37:45 pm
My worst dream was back in college. I dreamt that a friend had called because he had gotten us tickets to a concert somewhere on Thursday night (the next night), and he would be out all day, but would pick me up at 7:30.

The problem was that I did not really know if it was a dream or not. My dreams are very realistic, and usually reality-based. Was this a memory from the night before? Or a dream?

I got dressed up and sat by the phone around the right time. He never called. Either it was a dream... or he ditched me.

*shudder* I really hate dreams.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 9:34:21 pm
I don't think I've ever acted on a dream, but they have been realistic enough that I didn't act. For instance, last week I dreamt that I told my boyfriend a plan I'd concocted for travelling (to go out of the country once every 3-5 years and inbetween go places in the states), and then a day later, at dinner, I realized that I hadn't actually told him for real, so I did then. (he likes my plan. Yay!)

FROM: hady
DATE: Wednesday January 26, 2005 -- 3:10:58 am

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday January 26, 2005 -- 11:24:04 am
When you dream that you have to go to the bathroom really really bad, I suggest that you wake up and act on it, or else you'll be taking a shower and doing laundry instead of making breakfast.

FROM: t3r3ssa
DATE: Thursday February 24, 2005 -- 8:27:31 pm
yep. I have dreamed about someone and then contacted them. Sometimes I just think about someone out of the blue that I haven't talked to in a while. Then I'll call them and they will say they were just thinking about me too. heh.

FROM: t3r3ssa
DATE: Thursday February 24, 2005 -- 8:28:24 pm
I remember one night I dreamed about this guy from work. I dreamed he was stuck in a locked truck that was going backwards. I wanted to stop it but I couldn't. I told him about it the next day and he said he was in a sleep clinic that night because he had trouble sleeping.

FROM: t3r3ssa
DATE: Thursday February 24, 2005 -- 8:30:13 pm
Recently I dreamed that my cousin had herself put to sleep (yep it was legal in the dream), because she found out she was sick and didn't want to suffer. So with a little hesitation, I told her about it the next day online (because we live in different states). She said she just went to the doctor the previous day and found out she had a health issue, but not serious enough to be put to sleep. heh.

Ken July 3, 2007, 6:43 am

In readers digest, there was a section on people’s excuses for being late to work. One person said they had dreamed that they were fired and did not wake up with the alarm. Also, my friend called me to ask “Did you text me last night or was that just a dream?” Well, it was a dream.

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