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January 25th, 2005

Acting on a Dream

Occasionally, I’ll have a dream that inspires me to act.

Usually, these dreams are about people that I haven’t seen in a number of years. Sometimes it’s a high school friend, but it’s also been random people from my elementary school years that I haven’t thought about since. The next day, I’ll either drop that person an e-mail or try to hunt them down online. I figure that if my subconscious mind is reminding me of the person, it serves as a good reminder to keep in touch.

Rarely are my dreams inspiring me to act on something that I forgot to do, but it does happen on rare occasions.

Have you ever dreamt of someone and the next morning gotten up and Googled them?

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Ken July 3, 2007, 6:43 am

In readers digest, there was a section on people’s excuses for being late to work. One person said they had dreamed that they were fired and did not wake up with the alarm. Also, my friend called me to ask “Did you text me last night or was that just a dream?” Well, it was a dream.

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