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April 8th, 2005

New Item Smells

A few weeks ago I got on the train I usually take home from work, when an odd odor greeted my nose. It took me a minute to realize it was truly there – new car smell. The exact same smell! That fine plastic, faux leather, and chemical combination! It was there! But why? As it turned out the train car I was in had just been upgraded this year. So it was practically brand new.

And yesterday was new computer day at Paulhaus, so as I type this Ping I’m enjoying new computer smell. Plastics, plastics, plastics. Delicious.

What kinds of new item smells tickle your fancy and your nose?

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 10:12:37 am
New dress shirts and undershirts! I also really like taking them out of the package and removing the pins. I did that just this morning.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 12:14:30 pm
New books!! Flip the pages - there's nothing quite like it.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 1:29:42 pm
What are these books you speak of? ;)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 3:52:09 pm
I love the smell of napalm in the morning . . .

Oh nevermind.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 4:02:59 pm
when I was little, I had this red vinyl suitcase. It smelled really vinyl-y, but in a way that reminded me of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls (but not so fruity smelling--more chemical-y).
My mom says once she found me asleep on top of it with an arm inside! She worried that I might've cut off the circulation to my arm and would need an amputation.

DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 5:50:21 pm
I love the smell of new money is enchanting, new shoes are wonderful too.

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday April 8, 2005 -- 9:11:07 pm
Joseph, some of what you are smelling is a form of formaldehyde to preserve the dyes in the clothes! Do not breathe too deeply.

I like the smell of a new batch of Post-its. I invented them :o).

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 11, 2005 -- 10:36:39 am
Oh, God.

I really like the smell of gasoline (it smelled better when it had lead in it) and motor oil, and anything mechanical--you know that old 1950s radio smell--radio tubes, resin plastic, brass and solder flux. No wonder I feel like I just keep getting dumber.

*sniff* there goes a few million brain cells.



duh. *blink, blink*

dan June 22, 2007, 12:25 am

I know this sounds perverted but the smell of resin makes me uncontolpably horny. There is something abouty that stimnky smell that reminds me of sex and skin. Anyone else turn on to it?

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