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April 16th, 2005

Men’s Deodorant Ads: What the Hell?

My apologies for the tardiness of this Ping, but I’ve been in the sick role for the past couple of days.

As part of my recuperation process I subjected myself to a few hours’ worth of television yesterday… okay, okay, more like many hours’ worth of television. In between shows I was subjected to a large number of ads for men’s deodorant.

I’m not quite sure when things changed from “Hey! This’ll make you stop being stinky!” to “Hey! Use this and women will love you” but it has happened. I guess I just don’t get it. I know there’s probably some of the 12-year-old boy theory at play here but, come on, it’s just deodorant.

Besides the really lame ads for Axe, Old Spice’s HIGH ENDURANCE (EXTREME!!!) and Right Guard’s Super Incredible Xtreme [sic] Deluxe Sport Deodorant w/Super Amazing Anti-Stink Strip Protection were the two other products in the ad space. I thought the redundant Extreme-ing was enough, but no. Old Spice’s ad featured two guys watching a football game in one room of a house while their wives/girlfriends chatted in another room. During commercial breaks, the guy would come into the room where the women were talking and just… hug her. I don’t know… does Old Spice include a hugging agent?

The Right Guard ads didn’t actually include women (surprise) but instead portrayed their deodorant as a line of players on a football field, tackling out body odor. But there was a pretty typical guy “hosting” the ad – sideways black hat, scruffy hair, unshaven, and so on. So MTV.

Then there are Degree’s new ads. Degree, which I use, is apparently “for men who take risks.” Note how they’re portraying this thing, though: if you don’t use Degree, you’re a “suck-up,” a “mama’s boy,” or a “wuss.” Come on, why don’t they just come out and say you’re gay? I’m sure that’s what the ad agency was thinking.

All of this stupid advertising makes my head hurt. People, it’s just deodorant. It makes you not smell under your arms and, if it’s an anti-perspirant, makes you not sweat either. Let’s drop this pretense that it’ll make you attract women. That’s stupid.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 9:03:55 am

The truth is, the wife buys those products at my house. No amount of advertising is going to change the deoderant we use away from Dove. Girly? I suppose, but it's unscented. Does it work? I've tried tons of "manly" deoderant anti-perspirants (which are two separate things, you know) and nothing beats Dove. All these the other brands leave me with sopping pits, or, I find that the manly deoderant/anti-perspirants just smell like sweeter B.O. (Brut, anyone?).

So there you have it, manly men. Dove is the answer.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday April 19, 2005 -- 12:52:01 pm
Man, even stodgy ol' Mitchum is getting into the act. What the hell, really?

Dove is looking better and better.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 12:49:17 pm
I started dating my husband because of his deoderant. ;)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 4:33:40 pm
If the only French you know is menage a trois?

Now I know what really stinks: Mitchum's odeur de fromage.

FROM: Mitchum Lover
DATE: Wednesday April 20, 2005 -- 4:34:58 pm
Je suis ne.

FROM: j-stackhouse
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 11:02:32 am
Trust me everyone try degree deodorant
its one of the best top 5 deodorants

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 12:17:10 pm
One of the best top 5, eh?

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday January 30, 2006 -- 6:37:57 pm
If you are active, then you dont just use unsended anit perspirant, you do sweat in other places too

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday January 30, 2006 -- 10:09:08 pm
unsended anit perspirant

How does one "unsended" something?

And "anit"?

FROM: mel
DATE: Tuesday January 31, 2006 -- 11:12:22 am
and, um, what "other places" is he putting his deodorant?

DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 11:36:06 pm
I've used alot of different deodarants. I started back in middle school with Axe when i didnt really have much hair under my armpits. Everyone around me seemed to enjoy the scent my body had even after I was done with gym class. Once I grew more hair under my armipits I changed from axe to old spice. My sister bought me the stick because she thought it smelled good, and it did. I think clear deodorants are stonger on the skin because after a month of usage i got a rash under my armpits so i stopped using them. Now im using Speed Stick 24/7 and im satisfied with the results. I think a good combination of deodorant and Cologne is enough to have you smelling good all day.

FROM: maria
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 9:35:22 am
Who honestly has time to argue about deodorant???

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 12:01:38 pm
We do, but it's not really an argument.

I was thrilled to find my favorite scent of Secret yesterday at Giant...Shower Fresh. Oh how I had missed it.

I am not a guy for those who don't know me. I just didn't want to be left out.

DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 3:03:47 pm
You misunderstood the commercial. They guys are watching the game while the women sit in the kitchen looking bored and annoyed. The guys start cheering after a touchdown and hug the girlfriend in happiness. The woman instantly forgets about how annoyed they were and goes into a dream land of picnics and flowers.

DATE: Tuesday April 11, 2006 -- 4:30:34 pm
I couldn't agree more. That's about all I have to say. I think most of their ads are, especially degree, are basically up and saying "If you don't use our deodorant, than you aren't a real man 'cause us guys take risks." Or AXE, saying that girls will suddenly like you, or basically, "You can get girls with AXE, and if you don't want AXE you don't want girls, and if you don't want girls you're gay!" I'm sorry, but that isn't true and trying to make people who DON'T use AXE seem gay just isn't very user-friendly. Bad marketing.

FROM: Yeah, no
DATE: Friday May 12, 2006 -- 4:33:14 pm
I've been using Mitchum (Mountain Air clear gel) for the last two years, and it works/smells great. Problem: I'm thinking about changing deodorants because I've started to notice that after awhile the pits of my t-shirts become crusty and white b/c of the deodorant. What's up with that? Any suggestions for deodorants that don't do that?

FROM: Hey there
DATE: Sunday June 4, 2006 -- 11:23:58 am
I have been getting sweat marks what's the best deodorant??

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 19, 2006 -- 10:42:57 pm
The best overall deoderant ive used was adidas active (i prefer dynamic pulse) but they recently quit making that, and changed over to a deoderant called 24 hour protection or somethin. they brag about some technology called cotton tech, and honestly, the stuff is pure crap. all it does it make your BO mix with the smell, which in the end is almost worse than strait BO. i was wondering what deoderant does the best job to neutrolize BO. Thanks

FROM: Shilpa
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 4:33:13 pm
Seriously, anyone knows where I can purchase those dolls?:)

FROM: Casper
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 8:40:34 pm
I want to know...where is it said that spraying Axe all over yourself is an acceptable substitute for a bath? And the last time a bunch of girls chased me was in third grade when I stole their dodge ball at recess.

Here's another...remember those Five Day Deodorant Pads? How many of you out there actually thought you had to wear them?

And here's another...the Mitchum ads...."so strong you can even skip a day" Now how's that for quality personal hygeine?

FROM: Abbey
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 2:28:14 am
I know girls who liked axe so much they would steal it from guys and use it. One girl actually attacked me with it.

FROM: Pamela Bessie
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 11:22:28 am
There is no question SURE original solid, scentless is best for men OR women. The main thing is it keeps you dry...but very close behind that is the fact it does not drip and is not STICKY. And it lasts and lasts.

Try SURE original solid one time and you will never leave it.

djw January 30, 2007, 10:47 pm

I’ve been trying a combination of probably 20 different deodorants over the past year…I’d find one that works for a month or so, then it quits on me. I honestly ran out of my stick one day and used my girlfriends dove and it worked wonders…still, I couldn’t possibly buy it for myself because I’m homo-phobic apparently…long story short, Degree just quit on me again so I’m going to CVS to pick up some un-scented Dove…call me queer!

CLA December 20, 2007, 1:18 am

Secret Platinum Protection, this is for women. it’s an anitpersprint. But don’t get it on your hands. It will take forever to try and wash it off. It works wonders!
Just incase a lady friend of yours has BO problems 🙂

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