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May 17th, 2005

Giving Pills

With a new dog in the house, we’ve had to master the art of giving her pills. At first, it was as easy as hiding it in a little peanut butter. But, she eventually got wise to that and now won’t take peanut butter-covered pills. Then, we tried “pill pockets,” which she ate but promptly spit out the pill after eating the pocket (how she managed that, I’m not sure). So, we’ve had to resort to the “toss the pill down the back of her throat, then hold her mouth shut, blow on her nose, and rub her throat” trick in order to get it down, which isn’t easy and she doesn’t terribly enjoy.

Any other suggestions for ways to feed pills to smart dogs that don’t want them?

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FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 10:18:28 am
I think the last method is the best; just give her a big hug and praise her afterwards. "Whooza big dog that wuvs pills?"

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 10:36:43 am
One of our dogs needs a pill at every meal. We hide it in a little bread ball and just mix it in with her food. It never fails.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 11:14:22 am
I've heard rolling it in cheese works.
At least you're not giving a pill to a cat!!

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 2:02:00 pm
I throw some sort of treat in the air for the dog to catch, then immediate throw the pill in the same manner. He thinks it is another treat and swallows it before he realizes what it was.

DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 2:55:23 pm
Great idea Barbara! Well, if my dog ever needs pills, i knwo where to check.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday May 17, 2005 -- 5:26:23 pm
Bah! That trick never works with my dog. As soon as the pill hits his tongue, poik!, out it goes. He knows if what he's catching is a treat or not.

I'm a pro at placing the pill in the back of the dog's mouth. If you get back there far enough, you can make the dog swallow it before you even take your hand back out.

On dog's with short snouts, like bulldogs and pugs, there are no good tricks because they're just so slippery. It's hard to find their throats.

FROM: Abbey
DATE: Wednesday May 17, 2006 -- 6:24:11 pm
I thought they made dog pills now that were like chewable and peanut butter flavored.

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