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June 23rd, 2005

The Clothes Hamper of the Future

Why don’t clothes hampers have a door on the bottom similar to backyard composters? If you’re like most people and wash the stuff on top first but don’t have enough room in your washer to do the entire hamper at a time, don’t you just end up washing the same clothes over and over again while the same sad batch sits at the bottom for months on end?

I think I’m onto something here. Or just on something. One of the two.

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FROM: paul anani
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 5:32:14 am
i want free pens

DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 6:56:50 am
Or you could "pour" the contents of the hamper on the floor and sort into washes like darks, lights, and colours. You must be a real lazy washer, heh heh

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 7:08:06 am
We have two hampers -- one for lights and whites and one for darks and colors, so that part's already taken care of.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 7:27:29 am
We split our laundry that way too, Ryan.

The idea of a hamper that could, maybe, turn upside-down... that would be nice.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 7:44:51 am
I'd like to see the laundry chute make a comback.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 9:48:54 am
The idea of a hamper that could, maybe, turn upside-down... that would be nice.

Again, like a composter.

Laundry really is a lot like thrown away food scraps!

I'd like to see the laundry chute make a comback.

When we were looking at houses we saw one in a new house. They don't use them much anymore because they're quite a fire hazard, apparently... a fire in the basement very quickly becomes a fire in the bedroom with a laundry chute.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 10:26:13 am
I have neighbors who built the same model house as mine with a few exceptions, the most notable one being that they have a laundry chute! They have two teenagers and thus much laundry? It runs from the upstairs guest bath to the laundry room on the first floor.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 11:27:50 am
I have an idea why not just do all of the laundry that way you don’t have that problem ;)

I start my laundry at 4pm every Sunday…while that fist load is done I do other things around the house. Once the first load is done I’ll fold them while I’m catching up on my recorded shows on TiVo this way you are doing two things at once, how can you go wrong!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 3:57:22 pm
I have a cloth hamper. It's really a laundry bag with four loops on it that allow it to be suspended from a collapsible frame. Thus, it's very easy to just pick it up and lug it down to the laundry room. There, I dump the contents out onto the floor, sort of like the scene in Jaws when they cut the shark open and all the stomach contents spill out onto the dock. It's kind of like that, license plates and all.

DATE: Friday June 24, 2005 -- 6:31:58 am
A laundry shute would rock! I live in the UK where laundry rooms and shutes are very rare, unless you have a massive house.

FROM: Vovenheimerpeoplers
DATE: Saturday June 25, 2005 -- 4:10:55 pm
I've always wanted to have a giant laundry chute like PB and J otter (disney channel) that runs from ur room to a variety of other places to slide down. Lazy, maybe. but fun, of course!

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