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August 23rd, 2005

The Door Hold

One of the trickiest manuevers in politeness is the door hold. There’s a very fine line one must walk between being polite and forcing someone to run towards the door in order to keep you from holding it too long. It’s rude to let the door slam if there’s someone right behind you, but if you’re holding the door for someone whose gender you can’t determine, they may be too far away.

There also comes the question of how many people you hold the door open for. Do you just hold it for the next person, or do you step to the side and hold the door for a series of people?

And what about the elevator? Have you ever performed the “elevator fake-out,” pretending to hold the elevator when actually pressing the “close doors” button when you saw someone approaching that you didn’t want to ride with? C’mon… you know you’ve done it…

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