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October 8th, 2005

Running the Projector

A few weeks ago, a random memory popped into Jeani’s head and she shared it with me: “Do you remember running the projector in grammar school?” And boy, do I. I’d forgotten all about the things!

We would occasionally go down to the Media Center to watch a filmstrip (usually one about Jesus, being in a Catholic school and all) as part of our fine education. The projector would be a little guy set up on a desk towards the back of the room, and – the best part – the soundtrack for the film (which was actually a filmstrip) was on cassette. At the end of each static, one-shot scene’s narration, a “BOOP!” would come on and that would be the sign to advance to the next frame.

The worst was when the person running the projector would be out of sync by a frame or two, or when the projector refused to advance.

Just think, though, how old that technology is now. There is something comforting about it, though, and that “BOOP!’ sound effect needs to be out on the web somewhere.


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