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November 16th, 2005

Winter is Coming…

Well, folks, this is it. November 16, 2005 is the first day I get to break out my winter coat because it’s going to be a whopping 36 degrees in Chicago. 36! That means the real cold stuff – highs in the teens and lows below zero – isn’t all that far behind.

I’m not a fan of the ultra-cold weather. But when it’s just warm enough, there’s a blanket of snow on the ground, and there are some flurries in the air… winter can be fantastic.

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FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Wednesday November 16, 2005 -- 12:11:58 am
I always liked snow; On TV and in someone else's yard.
I lived in Upstate NY for 3 yrs. I saw enough, thank you very much.

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Wednesday November 16, 2005 -- 9:27:48 am
I forgot to add -40C and -40F are the same: Snot-freezing-cold! Only one time did I see (feel) it reach those temperatures. But I had to go out just to feel the power.

FROM: Monica, revealing her freakishnes
DATE: Wednesday November 16, 2005 -- 3:00:49 pm
The high today in Madison's supposta be 27. Yeah! and a low of 14 tonight. YEAH!
Definitely coat weather. It's flurry-ing steadily here. Woo hoo! I love winter. Especially after a really big snowstorm and the days after are all crisp and sunny and REALLY cold (and windy).

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday November 16, 2005 -- 3:23:01 pm

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday November 16, 2005 -- 11:03:34 pm
I hate the wind, but my favorite temps are around 17 or 18F. I am serious. I don't like the 40s because you can usually still feel dampness here in the northeast at that temp. I like 18 in intense sunshine. I also like to run in the snow at I am sure I have told you before.

I hate the heat, yes I do. It makes me ill, but gives me a great excuse to wear sleeveless shirts. If my shoulders cannot be exposed, I want to layer myself beneath warm fleecey clothing.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday November 19, 2005 -- 3:24:37 pm
I miss snow.

I do not miss shoveling a foot of snow off of an icy, steeply sloped driveway. But I miss the other aspects of snow.

Out here in the SF region it is an unseasonably warm 80F. Feh.

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