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February 26th, 2006


It all started innocently enough. I was reading through Crain’s Chicago Business and came upon the headline, DeVry names Hamburger as new CEO.

I then had an occasion to instant message Pinger Greg and, well, this ensued.

Me: Mr. ?Pickles on the Side? Hamburger.
Me: Mr. ?Ketchup Only? Hamburger.
Me: I hope I never have a beef with Mr. Hamburger!
Greg: If he?s completed a good task, it?s ?Well done? Hamburger.
Me: It?s rare to see a Hamburger in power.
Greg: After a late night out with the boys, I bet he gets ?grilled? by the wife.
Me: When he goes on the web, I hear he gets flamed for his views.
Me: I hope his wife?s name is Patty.
Me: Poor guy. I?m sure wherever he goes, he gets raked over the coals.
Greg: What would you like for dinner tonight, Hamburger?
Me: If he eats hamburger for dinner, is that cannibalism?
Greg: If he?s on a diet, he?s going for a lean hamburger.
Me: The latest rumor on Hamburger is juicy.
Greg: Is his first name Chuck?
Me: He?s a fan of raw humor.
Greg: You can get e-coli from Hamburger.
Me: Hamburger runs the place like he?s the King.
Me: You know, when Hamburger looks at Patty? she just melts.
Me: I heard from his underlings that he just fries ’em.
Greg: Do you threaten him with ?you?re dead meat”?
Me: People look to Hamburger to trim the fat.

Please, tell me you have some more. Please?

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