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April 24th, 2006

$4/Gallon Gas Price Watch

Yes, we need another gas topic.

This past weekend, the national average price for gas shot up five cents to $2.90/gallon. In my area of Chicagoland, the cheapest I saw for regular was $2.98 on the low end and $3.19 on the high end. And this is still April, folks.

It’s obvious that the prices won’t be going down any time soon, maybe not for a long time. But here’s a question: when do you think the national average will hit $4.00? I’m going to go ahead and say June 3rd. I think Chicago’s will hit $4 a couple of weeks before that, particularly downtown, and then everyone else will catch up.

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DATE: Monday April 24, 2006 -- 11:22:35 am
I filled up the truck, and my 5 gallon container for the lawn mower yesterday. The total was $63.00

Ouch. I don't think the US average will get to $4 this year. I think the demand for gas will get very elastic as the prices breaks the $3 barrier again, and demand will drop significantly.

I read somewhere that a measly 3% drop in usage in the US would cause prices to drop drastically.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Monday April 24, 2006 -- 5:26:56 pm
I had heard that some pundit has predicted $4.00 per gallon gas by summer.

I was talking to a chef/owner of a restaurant in Ottawa, Ontario earlier this morning. She says her gas is currently $1.099 per liter. Ballparking exchange rates, that is right about $4.00 per gallon now.


FROM: Bill
DATE: Wednesday April 26, 2006 -- 3:01:38 pm
if Bush bombs Iran, gas will go to at least $4.00 per gallon, maybe $5.00.

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 26, 2006 -- 10:27:17 pm
It's past $3.20 at all Oakland, CA gas stations.

I'm not betting on it passing $4, though. Once it tops $3 nationwide there will be a huge panic and upheaval and the gas companies will say "well, I guess we don't need to double our profits over last quarter, let's throttle it down"...

FROM: lol
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 6:06:15 am
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FROM: Arap Saran
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 7:48:25 pm
We have an economy that is on the gasoline standard. The price of gasoline changes exactly as prices change. During WWII the automobile plants closed down so they could be used to produce war equipment like airplanes. If you can make planes in a auto plant you can produce windmills to make electricity in a car plant. The Iraqi war is gonna cost a trillion dollars. How many windmills and photovoltaic arrays can be had for a trillion?

FROM: Fenry Honda
DATE: Monday May 1, 2006 -- 5:38:40 pm
Get the May issue of Scientific American and go to page 20. There is a company in Pennsylvania that is building a plant that will use low grade coal to make diesel for $1 a gallon. When the plant is running it will make 5000 barrels a day! The technology has been around for years and is used in South Africa. The coal that will be used is waste coal that has already been mined. Further, the diesel that is produced is a low pollution type that burns cleaner than what is being used now. The diesel will also burn in home heating systems that burn heating oil.

Paul April 24, 2007, 3:43 pm

Of course gas never hit $4 last year. Ryan pointed this Ping out to me since our gas prices have pretty much crept back up to the same levels this year. Right now we’re averaging $3.09 in my neck of the Chicagoland woods, and $3.50/gallon doesn’t seem unrealistic.

$4 does, though. Doh!

travis April 10, 2008, 12:07 am

people dont realize that truckers cant make it right now they break even after paying there fueul bill . diesle fuel is 4.00 a gal its need to be where commercial trucks get fuel70 cents cheeper then what normal tourists and motorists buy it for … when the bigger truckin co.s fall out there will be no transporters left then people will starve … produce haulers are still getting payed what they where gettin 15 years ago when fuel was 50 cents a gal. and now there are people steeling fuel so they can make money … soon the ones steeling feel wont be able to steel it because the hard workin man wont be able to buy it its causeing a panic everywhere … it isnt anything but a gouge ! oil co.s are holding out on us …. the environmental people are holding out on the G.T.L. when they should be holdin out on oil … G.T.L. is a non petrolium base it burns just as hot and doesnt pollute!

i hope them oil co.s have to pick up cans for doing the poor people like this!

Paul April 20, 2008, 12:54 pm

Gas prices are flirting with $4 here now – a gallon of regular is up to $3.79 on average, and the Super Duper Premium is $4.09-$4.29.


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