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April 24th, 2006

$4/Gallon Gas Price Watch

Yes, we need another gas topic.

This past weekend, the national average price for gas shot up five cents to $2.90/gallon. In my area of Chicagoland, the cheapest I saw for regular was $2.98 on the low end and $3.19 on the high end. And this is still April, folks.

It’s obvious that the prices won’t be going down any time soon, maybe not for a long time. But here’s a question: when do you think the national average will hit $4.00? I’m going to go ahead and say June 3rd. I think Chicago’s will hit $4 a couple of weeks before that, particularly downtown, and then everyone else will catch up.

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Paul April 24, 2007, 3:43 pm

Of course gas never hit $4 last year. Ryan pointed this Ping out to me since our gas prices have pretty much crept back up to the same levels this year. Right now we’re averaging $3.09 in my neck of the Chicagoland woods, and $3.50/gallon doesn’t seem unrealistic.

$4 does, though. Doh!

travis April 10, 2008, 12:07 am

people dont realize that truckers cant make it right now they break even after paying there fueul bill . diesle fuel is 4.00 a gal its need to be where commercial trucks get fuel70 cents cheeper then what normal tourists and motorists buy it for … when the bigger truckin co.s fall out there will be no transporters left then people will starve … produce haulers are still getting payed what they where gettin 15 years ago when fuel was 50 cents a gal. and now there are people steeling fuel so they can make money … soon the ones steeling feel wont be able to steel it because the hard workin man wont be able to buy it its causeing a panic everywhere … it isnt anything but a gouge ! oil co.s are holding out on us …. the environmental people are holding out on the G.T.L. when they should be holdin out on oil … G.T.L. is a non petrolium base it burns just as hot and doesnt pollute!

i hope them oil co.s have to pick up cans for doing the poor people like this!

Paul April 20, 2008, 12:54 pm

Gas prices are flirting with $4 here now – a gallon of regular is up to $3.79 on average, and the Super Duper Premium is $4.09-$4.29.


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