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May 11th, 2006

Bad Old Video Game Ads

Ryan’s sleeping.

Back when I was a kid, I railed against the Nintendo Entertainment System in an issue of the magazine I “published”. (I generally wrote out each issue and then shared it with the class… but that’s another Ping.) Soon thereafter though, I got myself a Game Boy and became entranced with the world of console gaming.

But there’s one thing with the gaming of the early 90s that there’s just no way around: the ads for games generally sucked. I was pleased and mortified, then, that 1Up published a review of those ads from the olden days of the early 90s. By far, this one is my favorite. Come on, it’s called an ASCIIpad. ASCII! Lame!

I’ll be happy to admit that this ad for Boxxle nearly got me to buy the game, though. It has animation! Amazing.

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Anthuvan1976 August 23, 2011, 4:02 pm

Sometimes these ads are nagging and spoil the image of the main video game.

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