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June 3rd, 2006

One Thing I’d Change About gCal

I’m a big fan of Google Calendar. It finally allowed me to ditch Mozilla Sunbird (the bastard stepchild of the Mozilla family) and move to a solid, centralized, web-based calendar for all my needs. It’s great in just about every way.

One really nice feature is the ability to have a “daily agenda” mailed to you at the beginning of each day. It’s surprisingly handy to have that staring at you in the morning, even if you don’t start your browser up to view your calendar. However, the agenda only e-mails you items from your main calendar. I have a separate calendar for birthdays, another one for anniversaries, and I also like to know what’s on the wife’s calendar for the day. I subscribe to all of these calendars and can view them at a glance in my browser, but gCal doesn’t let me specify which calendars are included in my daily agenda.

So that’s my one suggestion. Make that simple change and I’ll be about as happy as can be with gCal.

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