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July 2nd, 2006

World Cup?

This question is more geared towards our American Pingers – I know we have two in Russia who like to tell us we have a “Great Site!” (thanks!) And the question is, did you or do you have any interest in the World Cup? Care to explain why?

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FROM: Steve A
DATE: Sunday July 2, 2006 -- 9:38:51 am
I'll watch the world cup when it draws closer to a finale. I lived in Scotland 5 years and Spain 4. That should suffice for the reasoning.


DATE: Sunday July 2, 2006 -- 9:44:36 am
I've watched one full game, and parts of others. Soccer doesn't make a goof TV sport IMO. It's much better in person.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 2, 2006 -- 6:14:06 pm
I actually love watching the World Cup. I really just watching events where nations come together (Olympics, etc). The fact that nations call a national holiday for SOCCER GAMES blows my guy screwing up IN A GAME can get himself killed. (Escobar for Colombia, 1994..look it up).

FROM: Monica
DATE: Sunday July 2, 2006 -- 7:26:32 pm
my officemate is totally into it (he watched the last European Cup at the office.. it was nuts, I tell you!), and Nick is into it (his office was given early lunches for days when the US played)--we're all cheering for Portugal.

I like watching soccer MUCH more than American football. Or tennis. Especially more than golf. And as much as hockey. Quick, fixed-time games are great, especially when they're played truly as a team (which eliminates a lot of pro. basketball).

FROM: Riley
DATE: Monday July 3, 2006 -- 8:08:58 pm
A buddy of mine an I were talking about this today. We thought it would be funny if the soccer teams actually mimiced(sp?) the countries they were from when they played. These are meant to be serious just jokes about the most know things about certain countries.

1. Russia would instantly split into 20 smaller teams as soon as they hit the field.
2. The German team would take over the Polish and Israeli teams instantly and sit them on the sidelines.
3. The U.S. team would send their players to help out whichever team is losing in a match.
4. The French team would give up after 15 minutes. Even if they're winning.
5. And all of the European teams would divide up the African teams among themselves.

I can't think of anymore right now.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Tuesday July 4, 2006 -- 6:07:40 pm
Riley, that was too funny. I hope you don't mind my adding to those.

6. The Canadian team would WANT to play, but due to financial difficulties and lack of equipment, they would instead opt out as a team, send 5 representatives to root for everybody.

7. The North Korean team would attempt kicking goals ONLY from their side of the field just to prove they might be able to pull it off.

FROM: Riley
DATE: Tuesday July 4, 2006 -- 8:20:24 pm
Steve, those were really good. Especially the Korean one.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 1:32:00 am
Passed the bar on the way out of the casino today, and watched the last 5 minutes of Italy/Germany. Almost 500 Italians watching on TV's, with 10 Germans scattered around. Italy scored in the 119th minute, and the place erupted.

If for no other reason, it's fun to watch people care about soccer only once every four years. Italians who probably never watched soccer before are suddenly cheering on Fabio Grosso and Alessandro Del Piero. Two weeks from now, they won't remember. I will.

FROM: Tulsa Read
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 5:35:38 am
I love the world cup, i just wish it will not end. Fifa should keep the good work on is nice and lovly.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 7:37:14 am
Knowing full well that I'll jack somebody's jaws, I propose MORE International team reactions:

8. The Spanish team will play their hearts out until siesta time, at which point they'll walk off the field for a nap. Before returning they'll stop by a bar for a tapa and sherry. And heaven forbid play was to be on a religious holiday. Mass or not, they won't be on the field.

9. The English will play until tea time, 3:00pm according to the BBC's jingle in the 1970's when I lived there, and everything will stop.

10. The Mexican team will migrate to greener fields and send whatever earnings they receive back to their families in Mexico City.


(Just so you folks don't think I'm being xenophobic, I've lived or worked in most of these countries.)

FROM: Riley
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 3:13:19 pm
11. The Isreali team will issue a public statement saying that they are not afraid of the Egyptians, Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqui's, and any other nations that have them completely surrounded, and would be more than happy to take them all on all on at the same time. Of course, when the Israeli's start getting their ass kicked, the U.S. will bail them out.

12. If the Mexican team ever makes it to the finals the U.S. will promptly annex Mexico to Texas and claim that it is now a U.S. team. Afterwords they will accusse the Mexicans of causing trouble for Americans and promptly kick them back out, and build a huge fence.

13. In the 15 minutes the French team is on the field they will teeter between a democracy and a monarchy, and in the process go through several team captains.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 7:05:11 pm
I'm still laughing. I've passed this link on to numerous folks. Prepare for the worst.



FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 7:39:08 pm
I'm just posting to stop the italics. And the bad jokes.

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 10:56:07 pm
Adding to the badness:

14. Neil Finn will travel with the team from New Zealand, preparing to sing "Don't Dream It's Over" at a moment's notice.

What can I say--I don't watch soccer.

FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 5, 2006 -- 10:56:22 pm
I've been watching the World Cup quite a bit, only missed two of the second round games.

Although I'm as uninterested with soccer as the next American, I can't help get caught up in it. It's a huge event with some of the best athletes in the world competing at the highest level. It also helps that not far from my house is an English pub packed with every Englishman in the San Francisco Bay area drinking and carousing while watching the matches.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Thursday July 6, 2006 -- 6:45:55 am
A new Battle Cry emerges: Stamp the Italics!, the Portuguese scream!


FROM: Riley
DATE: Thursday July 6, 2006 -- 2:36:21 pm
Yeah, what is with the Italics.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Thursday July 6, 2006 -- 8:33:11 pm
I dunno, but I cured 'em with a "close italic" function. One must have gotten stuck in my original post and left it open.


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