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September 12th, 2006

Time Trumpet

Yesterday I was perusing some long-forgotten blogs when I ran across an entry on about a BBC show called Time Trumpet. It’s a comedy show with a great idea: do a takeoff on shows like VH1’s I Love the 90’s, but set it in the 2030s looking back on today.

It uses the same format, talking with pop culture know-it-alls of the “present” day interspersed with actors portraying today’s celebs. The clip on Tom Cruise (“increasingly odd”) is great. And who can forget the top show of 2010, “Rape an Ape”? (Yes, it’s just that.)

Like Jim – the fella behind empty-handed – a lot of the pop culture references are lost on me. But the idea of supermarket chain Tesco launching a war on Copenhagen is really, really good.

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