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October 26th, 2006


Today is the day that Six Apart launches Vox, the tool formerly known as Comet. Vox is, in a nutshell, a mixture of blogging with more MySpace-y aspects minus the MySpace-y poorly designed crap plus LiveJournal’s community-ness.

Got that?

In essence it’s blogging built around relationships instead of entries. That’s how I think about it, anyway. Any entry on Vox can be shared with the world, only friends, only family, friends and family, or no one. You can upload videos (although they’ll get a wee bit compressed), photos, and the like and pretty easily add them to your entries. You can even bring in items from Amazon, flickr, and YouTube… again, easily.

I’ve been using Vox for a number of months now and at first was really hot on it. I was (and still am) impressed with its features and ease-of-use. In fact Vox reminds me of the Olde Time Webbe when there were just a few hundred/thousand blogs, and people like Six Apart’s Mena Trott were posting humorous fifteen paragraph stories about their childhoods without having to worry about spam, trolls, and the like. Simpler times.

Mena has said all along that this was designed for her mom. While my mom might not use it, I think she definitely could… which is a big compliment over something like TypePad or Blogger or WordPress. About the only people Vox isn’t for are the hardcore folks. For everyone else, I think it’s great, and I’ll definitely be recommending it whenever someone wants to start a blog.

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