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November 14th, 2006

But Where’s Bill?

A while back, Apple introduced $5 games for the iPod. They include Tetris (now available for every platform, including TI’s pocket calculators), Bejeweled, Mini-Golf, something else, and a poker game. Poker is a hit with all the kids these days and it’s no wonder: it’s a fun, fast-paced action game with guns, violenc… er, what? Poker? The card game? Hm.

Well, in any case Apple decided to cash in (ho!) on the poker melee. This week a magazine which looks at the world of Macs, MacWorld found a cheat on the internets using the Google and found some mildly humorous results: you get to play against Apple’s senior VP of marketing in the game’s final round.

Yep, he looks dorky. But it’s also pretty amusing.

This instantly made me think, “Why isn’t Microsoft doing this?” I am pretty sure I’d like to see a copy of SkiFree out there where the bear is none other than Steve Ballmer himself. And of course, Minesweeper with Bill Gates. Come on, guys. All that money, and the best you can do is solitaire?

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Marcus Mackey January 5, 2007, 10:41 pm

Hrm… maybe they’ll have Halo for Zune where the altern-a-ending levels are ripped out of Wolfenstein 3D, ‘cept you go after Ballmer and Gates as the baddies. 😀 I think I’d seriously consider buying a Zune just for that alone. 😉

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