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January 19th, 2007


A short time ago, I picked up a box of Ineeka teas because not only was the outer packaging attractive (a nice metal tin), but the bags themselves (seen on the link) were also kind of intriguing. They’re like tea bags for tea snobs, though I’m not sure they succeed entirely at providing a product for people who get what they’re trying to do.

To use this teabag, you tear off the top to expose the whole tea leaves inside. The sides of the bag then have small wings that you spread out to the edge of your mug. Presumably, this is to allow the whole leaves to breathe while they steep more than they would in a regular teabag. The thing is, they don’t really get to breathe or move around that much. Using a basket strainer probably remains the best inexpensive way of brewing your loose tea (or just brewing it loosely in one mug and then straining it into another mug when you’re ready to drink it).

While Ineeka has an interesting idea, I think it’ll be too expensive for the everyday buyer ($10 for 14 bags) and not “good enough” for the tea connoisseur.

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