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March 18th, 2007

Super Prankin’

This past week I read with great interest and enjoyment ZUG’s Super Stunt, documenting their biggest stunt yet – pranking the Super Bowl™&copy®. Although, I guess Rex Grossman had the biggest laugh on that one, convincing us he wouldn’t choke. Am I right?

Anyway, the whole thing was fun and a great read – A++++, would read from again – but Engadget is suggesting the alleged stunt itself is the hoax and that we’re all being duped. Snarky commenters (outside of the Ping, is there any other kind?) suggested it was all about the pageviews. That may be true. After all, seven years ago I thought they were dead.

After reading it, I’m still not sure. And the supposed “evidence” of being able to put your own secret message on the Super Bowl video is light at best. I do think that they went through it all but the message simply didn’t pan out, and it was kind of a big waste of money.

But hey, if it’s not legit then… kudos to them for making it look real. Nice job, either way.

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