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April 11th, 2007

Where My Dog and I Don’t See Eye to Eye

I love my dog. She’s hard not to love, what with her floppy ears and the goofy grin she gets on her face when she’s been sleeping too hard. But there’s one problem.

She doesn’t like Card Sharks.

In fact, everytime I start to watch it, she gets up and leaves the room. What bothers her is the “ding!” of a correct answer. She mistakes it for the doorbell, gets up and looks, and when she sees no one’s at the door, she lies down again. The next time she hears the “ding!” she gets up, fed up with the fake doorbell, and walks upstairs.

I’m saddened that a father and his four-legged daughter can’t share special moments like watching Card Sharks together. Hopefully my two-legged daughter will like it better.

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