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June 21st, 2007


When you answer the phone, what do you say?

I’m not talking about the initial “Hello?,” but your response when the caller says who it is. Do you opt for:

  • Oh, hi, ____!
  • What’s going on?
  • What’s up
  • How are you?
  • How’s it going?
  • Hey there, sweet cheeks!
  • … or something else?

I generally opt for “What’s going on?” or “How’s it going?” I think I’d only use “How are you?” if I were talking to an elderly relative or something. Or maybe “Hey there, sweet cheeks!” Depends on the relative.

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Cat June 21, 2007, 2:58 pm

“We’re not interested.”

Jeani June 23, 2007, 1:06 pm

I never thought about it much, but with caller ID I generally know who is calling before I pick up. So usually it’s something like, “Hi honey!” (for Paul, of course). Or, for others, “Hey, ____, how are you?”

Paul June 23, 2007, 2:21 pm

I, too, do the “Hi honey” greeting for Jeani or a variation, “Hey, sweetie.” Sometimes, “YOU’RE SCHMOOPIE!”


Most other times I do a standard “Hello”. I know I’ve tried to consciously change this every now and then but sometimes you just have to stick with the classics.

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