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August 1st, 2007

Fauxreo Review: Safeway Tuxedos

It’s been a while since we’ve had an Oreo Ping. Since I won’t be reviewing Oreo Cakesters anytime soon, I did want to take a minute to mention Safeway’s store brand Oreo-knock-offs, Tuxedos.

Their “Double-Filled” Tuxedos aren’t quite as good as Double Stufs. Sure, they have every bit of the tasty and nutritious high fructose corn syrup that their Nabisco counterparts have, but the overall flavor has that slightly-off “store brand” aftertaste. Where they really shined, though, were with their Neopolitan cookies. Here, we had two chocolate cookies with a double-dose of creme, half vanilla, half strawberry. The end result was surprisingly good, especially considering such a beast doesn’t exist in the Oreo-verse.

It does not appear that these cookies are sold any longer. Has anyone spotted them in their local Safeway?

If you feel as strongly as I do (and I KNOW YOU DO), please sign my petition.

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