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September 30th, 2007

Card Games

Which card games are your favorites?

Back in high school the biggest game going was Gin Rummy. I remember many afternoons and evenings spent playing tournaments against friends. And I swear, it wasn’t as geeky as it sounds.

Nowadays I don’t play cards very often, but Gin Rummy and/or Rummy is a common one to fall back on. I’ve played more complex games like Euchre (which I always thought was “Uecker”, after Bob Uecker) and Pinochle maybe once or twice… but the myriad rules keep me away.

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COD September 30, 2007, 12:25 pm

If Euchre, Spades and Hearts didn’t exist, I surely would have had a higher GPA in college. In high school it was all about poker.

Merle October 1, 2007, 11:26 pm

I mostly stick with custom games these days, rather than standard card deck ones.

But for the standard ones, bridge. A smart partner and an insane bidding scheme really made the game fun. Besides, about a quarter of the time you could get up and get food or drink instead of playing…

Dave Walls October 2, 2007, 10:34 am

Even though I’m all about poker now, when I was 16, I worked at a camp for a summer where we played Pinochle every available moment. I remember it being so much fun, with every counselor, young and old, getting in on the action.

I couldn’t tell you now how you even play Pinochle.

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