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October 12th, 2007

2007 Fall TV Shows: Your Picks

Oh, what the heck. Out of the new (and somewhat new) shows this year here’s what I’m digging.

Mad Men: AMC’s (yes, a movie channels) series on the inner workings at a Madison Street ad agency in 1960. Filled with smoking, brutal gender discrimination, and insightful contexts. Plus, it’s just Well Done.

Reaper: Kevin Smith oversees this one about a slacker who has to act as a soooouuuuullltaker for the devil. Why? His parents sold his soul. The pilot was really clever; second ep was solid; third was solid too. Let’s hope it continues. Funny.

Pushing Daisies: A little worried here: there’s starting to be a glut of buddy detective shows with one guy who has unique talent slash skill (Monk, psych, et al). And this one has Kristen Chenowith (hrm.) But! This one’s more visually interesting, the unique talent is bringing people back from the dead with massive restrictions (neat!) and, uh, it’s got a lot of pie! And humors. I liked this more than I thought I would.

Those are a few of my faves. Yours?

Oh, and I’d like to take a moment to say that I’m a little disappointed in My Name is Earl this season. I think getting away from the list is a stupid idea, and I’m starting to (gulp) Not Care about the characters. At all.

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sandi October 13, 2007, 2:22 am

Love Mad Men, also HGTV. That’s about all the tv i care about, because just like mad men for real, when you start to really dig ’em they change or disappear, yah.

jk October 13, 2007, 3:08 am

I am really liking Corner Gas! Simple but clever.

Ryan October 13, 2007, 4:29 am

I can honestly say that this is the first year that not a single new show holds any appeal for me. I’m sure there are one or two out there I might like, but meh… who wants to look for them anymore? I’m too busy with Card Sharks reruns.

Corner Gas does look somewhat interesting, though, jk. I may have to take a peek. Hadn’t even heard of it until you mentioned it. And even then it took a while because I didn’t see your message right away. But now I’m informed and I thank you for that.

jk October 13, 2007, 12:33 pm

No problem, Ryan! I think you will like it.

People keep telling me I am Tina Fey, so I have to figure out what time 30Rock is really on. I tried to tape the Office this week and ended up with Earl.

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