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November 20th, 2007

The Commercials of The Weather Channel

Long before they ventured into reality programming and “be scared” programming the Weather Channel featured, uh, just weather.

But in between the weather? Commercials. And for some reason the commercials from well over a dozen years ago are lodged in my brain. The really surprising downside, at least to me, was that I couldn’t find some of them on YouTube. What? Yeah. But there’s other fun stuff out there.

A couple I remember, perhaps fuzzily:

Colombian Coffee: Train. Some rich guy is on a private train car and orders coffee. When he learns they don’t have 100% Colombian Coffee, he demands that the train be taken back – and it is, to the protest of the engineer. We then see the train running backwards. Hilarious?

Folgers Christmas: So much marshmallow, it should be on a Fluffernutter.

And of course this wouldn’t be complete without an old ident and local forecast:

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