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December 13th, 2007

Christmas Lights, part 2

The other day I mentioned how there seemed to be a lack of Christmas lights available for purchase in retail shops. Today, though, I wanted to observe a (perhaps) related phenomenon:

Less Christmas lights decorating houses.

It’s really weird, but there seem to significantly less decorations hung around our neighborhood this year. And, sadly, we’ve contributed to it this year by not even putting our net lights out on the bushes. By golly, we still have to hang ornaments on the tree! During my evening walk with the dog, it looks like we’re definitely not alone. Just a few years ago it seemed like every other house was decked out with lights or obnoxious inflatable snow globes. While I don’t miss the snow globes, I do miss seeing the well-lit house.

Clearly, the terrorists are winning the war on Christmas.

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RichP December 13, 2007, 11:31 pm

Actually, fewer lights means less petroleum consumption, which means less pressure to steal it from the Middle East and elsewhere, which lessens the desire for wars to steal oil, and less terrorism in response.

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