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December 27th, 2007

Instrumental Thriller

Recently, I had a random memory of being in a Montgomery Ward-type department store back in the mid-1980s and looking through their record selection. Back then, you may remember, you could find record sections in regular department stores and even supermarkets (I bought L.L. Cool J’s “Radio” from a Shop-N-Bag in NJ). Anyway, I remember coming across an instrumental version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” It’s cover art wasn’t nearly as iconic as the white-suit-lounging shot we all know an dlove, but the idea of having instrumental version of all the album cuts was pretty exciting to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the $9.99 needed to purchase the album, as I was only nine at the time. I was a slacker and didn’t have a full-time job.

I searched around a bit for this album, but can’t seem to dig much up about it. Does anyone remember it? I can only imagine it wasn’t officially released by CBS since there’s so little information to go on…

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