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March 6th, 2008

Gmail Gets the Spam

A month or so ago I decided to use Ryan’s approach to email: all my email would be filtered twice, once by my ISP and once by Gmail, before getting to my honest-to-gosh inbox (where there is, in fact, another filter).

It’s been a rocky month. I still do get some false positives now and then and need to comb through my inbox, which is annoying, but it’s a better deal than having to readjust my spam filters. The fun part is this: my ISP’s spam protection is very, very good: right now there are 2670 spams it caught. That’s a lot! Even more impressive is Gmail’s catch: another 573 spams as of this writing. That means that without Gmail, I would have had to deal with that many spams!

It’s not a perfect system. If something is deemed spam by my ISP’s filter, I don’t have a one-click way to tell it that it isn’t spam (instead I need to go through the control panel, etc.) but all in all, I’m very very happy with my new setup. Gmail may be the best spam catcher ever.

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